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Below is an overview of our offerings. You will find ideas for a festive reception on board, a nutritious lunch or a sumptuous appetizer. You can also enjoy excellent dining aboard our ships in an atmospheric and unique setting.

We have entered into a special partnership with top chef Peter Lute. Let your guests enjoy live cooking on board and be taken through a culinary experience. An exclusive dinner or lunch composed of refined dishes with pure flavors, local products and spices from our own garden.

Through this way we would like to thank you again for the special day you gave us. We ourselves but also all our guests were impressed by the friendly service and good service you provided during our trip. The presentation of all the appetizers and the buffet was also very nice. Exclusively compliments!!! It has become an unforgettable day for us.

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Prices listed are per person and do not include VAT.

We can change already placed orders in number and composition up to 14 days before sailing at the latest.

Hostess, per hour € 37.50

  • up to 25 guests, 1 host(ess)
  • 25 guests and more, 2 hostesses.
  • 50 guests and more, 3 hostesses.

Reception on board (all homemade)

Coffee or tea with:
Mini muffin and brownie – €4.95 p.p.
Petit Fours – €5.95 p.p.
Personalized Petit Fours – €6.75 p.p.

Coffee or tea with homemade cake
Choice of apple pie, lemon-cheese cake and/or carrot cake:
– up to forty people choice of two types
– from forty to sixty people choice of three types
– from sixty people choice of four varieties – €5.75 p.p.

Coffee etagere
Assortment of homemade sweets (two per person):
Mini muffin, coconut macaroon, madeleine, chocolate cake and date cake – €6.50 p.p.


festive reception
welcome drink choice:

Limoncello spritz – €9,00 p.p.
Aperol spritz – €9,00 p.p.
Prosecco – €9,00 p.p.
non-alcoholic champagne – €9,00 p.p.


Lunch minis – € 17,50 p.p.
Assortment (five per person) of hard and soft mini sandwiches, mini sandwiches, mini wraps and bruschettas topped with various luxury meats, cheeses and salads such as

  • Beef carpaccio, pesto, pine nuts and fresh Parmesan cheese
  • Homemade salmon salad with three colors of bell bell pepper
  • Vitello Tonnato, tuna salad with veal
  • Roast beef with truffle mayonnaise
  • Truffle egg salad
  • Chicken and avocado
  • Aged cheese with truffle mayonnaise
  • Caprese, buffalo mozzarella, tomato and pesto

Extensive lunch – € 24,75 p.p.
Assortment of hard and soft filled mini sandwiches (two half per person) with luxury toppings such as:

  • Beef carpaccio with pesto, vitello tonnato, spicy chicken salad, tuna salad, fricandeau and caprese

Italian two color bread with deluxe toppings such as:

  • Roast beef with truffle mayonnaise, truffle egg salad, aged cheese tapenade, healthy and smoked salmon
  • Green salad with chicken, bacon, egg, assorted vegetables, Parmesan cheese and dressing
  • Break bread with herb butter and humus
  • Fresh fruit salad

Soups – €5.50 p.p.

  • Italian tomato soup (V)
  • Vegetable soup (V)
  • Truffle Soup
  • Zucchini soup (V)
  • Pumpkin soup (V)
  • Chicken Soup
  • Asparagus soup (summer)
  • Pea soup (winter)

French bread and herb butter included

Luxury High Tea

High Tea – € 27.50 p.p.


  • Hard mini old cheese sandwich with peppers and honey mustard dressing
  • Onehaps wrap beef carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise and fresh Parmesan cheese
  • Éhaps wrap chicken pesto
  • Mini sandwich with smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber
  • Bruschetta Italiano, tomato salsa, red onion and capers
  • Tartelette Caprese, buffalo mozzarella, tomato and pesto (warm)


  • Scones with clotted cream and jam
  • Assorted macarons
  • Mini muffin
  • Mini brownie
  • Mini forest fruit tart
  • Chocolate truffles

Tea is included with this deluxe High Tea


Table garnish (per person) – €4.75 p.p.

  • Mixed nuts
  • Mature cheese
  • Chips of forgotten vegetables

Appetizers hot, 8 pieces – €12,50

  • bitterballen (can also be vegetarian)
  • cheese soufflé, mini spring roll

Vegetarian drinks platter, 45 appetizers – €99,00

  • Onehaps wrap with goat cheese, walnut, spinach and honey
  • Crust tray of homemade olive tapenade with crispness
  • Lollipop of cream cheese with Japanese nut crunch
  • Crostini caprese, tomato, pesto and buffalo mozzarella
  • Naan bread with hummus, beet, yogurt cream and arugula

Luxury tray Mondrian, 45 appetizers – € 87,50

  • Edible amuse bouche with carpaccio, pesto and Parmesan cheese
  • Blini with smoked salmon, citrus and caviar
  • Homemade hummus with radish and crunch
  • Crispy canapé with fresh tuna and wasabi
  • Onehaps wrap spicy chicken with sriracha

 Classic Amsterdam, 60 stuks  – €79,00

  • Old Amsterdam, young cheese
  • Ox sausage, salami and grilled sausage
  • Amsterdam onions, pickles and mustard

Fine dining bites

Seven-course walking dinner with high-quality products ensures an unforgettable culinary experience.


Classic  €52,50

  • Steak tartare of tomato, sour cream and fried capers
  • Caprese of tomato, basil and mozzarella
  • Vitello tonnato of roast veal with tuna mayonnaise
  • Carpaccio of hare with pesto, nuts and seeds
  • Mushroom soup with fried oyster mushroom and chives (hot)
  • Hamburger with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise (hot)
  • Vanilla panna cotta with baked white chocolate

Vegetarian  €52,50

  • Steak tartare of tomato, sour cream and fried capers
  • Celeriac panna cotta with truffle mascarpone
  • Fennel with burrata, orange and roasted butter dressing
  • Courgette ceviche with pomegranate seeds and Amsterdam onion mousse
  • Celeriac sate with fresh atjar and fried peanut (hot)
  • Mini oatmeal burger with red onion compote (hot)
  • Vanilla bavarois with baked white chocolate

Luxury  €59,50

  • steak tartare, egg yolk cream and pancetta mayonnaise
  • Celeriac panna cotta with truffle mascarpone
  • Buratta with artichoke, bresaola and oregano
  • Rilettes of duck with dried fig and baked apple
  • Potato leek soup with baked pancetta (hot)
  • Mini burger with truffle mayonnaise, old Amsterdam and rocket salad (hot)
  • authentically Tiramisu in a glass


Buffets both lunch and diner

Italian buffet – € 32,50 p.p.


  • Beef carpaccio salad, arugula, pesto, pine nuts, sundried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese
  • Caprese salad, tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, pesto
  • Ravioli salad with goat cheese, walnuts, aceto balsamic vinegar and arugula
  • Vitello tonnato, homemade tuna salad with veal
  • French bread, pesto aioli and herb butter


  • Traditional Lasagna
  • Tricolore pasta with grilled vegetables and creamy spinach sauce
  • Grilled salmon with seafood sauce

French Mediterranean buffet – €32,50 p.p.


  • Tuna salad, haricots verts, red onion, olives potatoes, and egg
  • Mediterranean salad with sundried tomato, pine nuts, olives, and brie
  • Ceasar salad, little gem, fresh eggs, homemade croutons, Parmesan cheese and traditional dressing
  • Pasta salad, tricolore pasta with marinated chicken, pesto and grilled vegetables
  • French bread and herb butter


  • Provencal chicken with zucchini and tomatoes
  • Stew with seasonal fish and vegetables
  • Vegetarian lasagna with brie
  • Bonne femme, mix of diced potatoes, red onion, mushroom and tarragon

Buffet Belle – € 38,50 p.p.


  • Vitello Tonnato, Veal roast with homemade tuna mayonnaise
  • Peel potato salad with roast beef and truffle mayonnaise
  • Pasta salad, tricolore pasta with pesto, pine nuts and grilled vegetables
  • Greek salad with feta cheese, red onion, cucumber and tomato
  • French bread and ciabattas with herb butter and tapenade


  • Tender chicken thigh in an oriental sauce with sesame, pak choi and shiitake
  • Fried monkfish with puffed tomato in a sauce of pesto
  • Eggplant tomato dish, gratinated with cheese
  • Steamed vegetable mix of seasonal vegetables
  • Baked potatoes from the oven

Indian buffet from Agatha Tan – € 45.00 p.p.

  • Chicken satay  (3 pp)
  • Satay sauce
  • White rice
  • Bami goreng
  • Fried Oriental vegetables with chili sauce
  • Rendang
  • Prawn crackers, 3 colors
  • Atjar
  • Fried onions

Barbeques on Steamship Success

Barbecue – € 31.00 p.p.


  • Marinated chicken thigh satay, three per person
  • 100% Beefburger
  • Skewered marinated prawns


  • Caesar salad, little gem, fresh eggs, homemade croutons, Parmesan cheese and traditional dressing
  • Tuna salad with fresh grilled tuna, olives, red onion, haricots verts, potato and egg
  • Greek salad, tomato, cucumber, feta and olives


  • Garlic sauce
  • Cocktail sauce
  • Satay sauce (hot)

Side dishes

  • French bread, pesto aioli, herb butter and tapenade

Barbecue extra – € 34,00 p.p.


  • Mini hamburger sandwich with truffle mayonnaise
  • Marinated chicken thigh satay, two per person
  • Skewer with oriental meatballs
  • Monkfish wrapped with serrano ham
  • Vegetarian skewer with bell bell pepper, onion, mushroom and potato


  • Caesar salad, little gem, fresh eggs, homemade croutons, Parmesan cheese and traditional dressing
  • Salad with smoked chicken, avocado, cucumber and cherry tomato
  • Tomato salad with red onion, green olives, basil and mozzarella


  • Garlic sauce
  • Satay sauce (hot)
  • Truffle mayonnaise
  • Saffron sauce
  • Honey mustard sauce

Side dishes

  • French bread, pesto aioli, herb butter and tapenade

Supplements to barbecue

  • Skewer of prawns, per person €6.50
  • Skewer of vegetarian meatballs, bell bell pepper and onion, per person € 5.50
  • Steak, per person € 6.00
  • Spareribs, per person €5.50
  • Pork tenderloin medallion, per person €5.50
  • Merquez sausage (lamb), per person €5.00
  • Fish package with cod, tomato and mozzarella, per person €5.50
  • Half Lobster, per person € daily price

Barbeques on the Great Hunter

Aboard lemsteraak Grote Jager

Barbecue – € 31.00 p.p.

  • Marinated chicken thigh satay, three per person
  • 100% Beefburger
  • Skewered marinated prawns


  • Caesar salad, little gem, fresh eggs, homemade croutons, Parmesan cheese and traditional dressing
  • Tuna salad with fresh grilled tuna, olives, red onion, haricots verts, potato and egg
  • Greek salad, tomato, cucumber, feta and olives


  • Garlic sauce
  • Cocktail sauce
  • Satay sauce (hot)

Side dishes

  • French bread, pesto aioli, herb butter and tapenade


Dessert buffet – €8.90 p.p.
An assortment (two per person) of homemade desserts

  • Homemade brownie with walnuts
  • White chocolate mousse with a choco shot
  • Tiramisu
  • Mango tartlet with merengue and mint
  • Hangop with limoncello
  • Forest fruit tartlet with merengue and strawberry

We finish the dessert buffet with whipped cream, strawberries, chocolates and mint.

Cheese board – €10.00 p.p.

  • Three different types of French Cheeses (hard/soft and blue)
  • Nut Bread
  • Fresh figs
  • Aceto balsamico
  • Walnuts

A la carte dinner Oscar

A la carte dinner Oscar – € 59,50 p.p.
Sample menu, changes seasonally.
Includes white set tables and a basket of bread on the table.

Chef’s Amuse


  • Salmon and caviar
    Salmon pickled in vodka with herring caviar cream cheese blinis and cucumber
  • Rilette de canard
    Confit duck with sweet and sour, compote of Port and grapes and sourdough toast
  • Vegetarian tapas
    Grilled greens, sheep cheese, peppadew, smoked tomato, marinated mushrooms with romesco sauce and grilled olive bread.

Main courses

  • Cacciucco alla livornese
    Tuscan fish stew with gnocchi, prawns, squid, cod and redfish with garlic bruschetta
  • Poulet Lyonnaise
    Marinated and roasted chicken thighs with potatoes, mushrooms, green Flageolets, spring carrots and French mustard sauce
  • Steak au poivre
    Aberdeen Black Angus steak with haricots verts & prosciutto, pommes dauphinoise and green pepper sauce
  • Vegetarian ramen
    Japanese ramen noodles with organic egg, shiitake, mini pak choi, tofu and vegetable broth


  • Apple cinnamon muffin with salted caramel & white chocolate panna cotta with forest fruits
  • Selection of Dutch cheeses with apple syrup, walnuts and fig bread

At dinner, we recommend having the dishes accompanied with matching wines in the form of a wine package

Dinner by Lute (live cooking)

If you love good food, the name Lute will sound familiar. Chef Peter Lute’s dishes are creative and contemporary.

The kitchen combines pure and local produce with herbs and spices from its own garden. On board, guests will have a spectacular culinary experience with surprising combinations.


Steak tartare – crostini – piccalilli mayonnaise
Cod ‘smoked’ – cucumber marshmallow – avocado
Tuna – bulger – beet – kafirrlime – black crackers
Ceviche of sea bass – kimchi – red quinoa – herb chips
Salad of prawn – tomato – crispy apple
Avocado “flower” – soy wasabi foam – red grapefruit (vegetarian)
Duck breast with asparagus – noodles – pumpkin toffee
Poussin with lentils ‘Le Puy’ – red mustard
Beef tenderloin – truffle – duck liver – Dauphine potato (supplement €7.50 p.p.)
Confit duck leg – hoisin – onion – pak choi
Veal rendang style – kimchi – coconut – crispy onions
Cod fillet – wild rice – mousseline – chicory

Tarte tatin with brownie, matcha cremeux and merengue
Chocolate with salted caramel and mocha foam
Crème brûlée – Elstar – yogurt crunch
Cheese platter with garnishes

3 course live cooking from € 95,00 per person
4 course live cooking from € 105,00 per person

*Please create one menu for the entire party. Of course, we can accommodate dietary requirements provided they are made known to us prior to the cruise.

This price is based on 20 people. For fewer guests on board, we charge a surcharge of €25.00 per person.

Matching wine arrangement (based on 3 courses) – €32.50 p.p.

To complete your dinner, we recommend a wine pairing with sparkling reception and a specially selected matching wine with each course.

Wine List

Wine List

House wines
Aradón blanco , Rioja This white Rioja is delicious as an aperitif; does well on a sunny terrace and with summer dishes. This wine has light vegetal aromas, floral and you also smell something of white fruit. On the palate some tropical fruit and some fresh apple on the finish. € 29,00

Domaine de Mont-Auriol Chardonnay, France This versatile, simple southern French chardonnay has aromas of light citrus, some dried apricot and a hint of wood. In the long finish, we detect dried fruit, a hint of pepper and, in the finale, a little bit of almond bitterness. € 29,00

Monte Tessa Primitivo, Italy This Primitivo from Masseria Tagaro exudes the joy of southern Italian country life. It is a young wine with aromas of small forest fruit, juicy cherries, some smokiness, light spiciness (bay leaf) and easily digestible tannins. € 29,00

Domaine de Montarin Rosé, France A light, pleasantly drinkable rosé with aromas of juicy white fruit like peach and also some small red fruit like raspberry, some light spiciness of white pepper and red bell pepper. € 29,00

Prosecco Superiore Bepin de Eto, Italy
Fresh, very accessible Prosecco with aromas of vanilla, some hazelnut and on the finish exotic fruit (mango) and fresh citrus acidity. € 37,50

Champagne Pascal Deviliers brut, France
Perfectly balanced between the elegance of Chardonnay, the power of Pinot Noir and the fruitiness of Pinot Meunier, this champagne has a fine mousse and is delicious as an aperitif. € 62,50

Wine package (based on 3 courses)
To complete your dinner, we recommend a wine pairing with sparkling reception and a specially selected matching wine with each course.€ 32.50 p.p.


exclusive wines and Champagnes
White wines:
Priorato Razamonde Alter blanco, Beautiful intense, yet fresh and elegant, but also complex nose. Fruity, green apple and pineapple. € 38,50
Sancerre, Tinel-Blondelet aromas of citrus, minerals and grass, refreshing and dry with fresh fruit, mineral and crisp. €45.50
Pouilly Fuissé Chardonnay Nadine Ferrand (Bourgogne) aromatic predominant notes of white fruits and spices, supported by a subtle touch of oak and vanilla. €65.00


red wines:
Momento de Aradón,
This Rioja has soft aromas of red fruits, some spiciness and a touch of cedar. €37.50
Bourgogne Pinot Noir Fernand & Laurent Pillot. Soft aromas of blueberries and wild strawberries, earthy notes and slight spiciness, balance, in the aftertaste we experience soft red fruits, some cherries and a hint of bay leaf. €49.50
Brunello di Montalcino,
Ugolforte – San Giorgio. A deep core of red and black currant fruit, with earthy, leathery, smoky and spicy layers. The wine is complex and elegant with firm tannins. Refreshing acidity leads to a graceful finish € 79.50

Ruinart Champagne
Blanc de Blancs Brut is a dry champagne. Very intense on the nose, with aromas of fresh fruit (citrus, white peaches, pineapple) and white flowers. On the palate, it is agile and harmonious, round and fresh. € 135.-

Refreshments on board

Free bar*, per person
Free bar, 1 hour € 12.50 p.p.
Free bar, 2 hours € 20.00 p.p.
Free bar, 3 hours € 22.50 p.p.
Free bar, 4 hours € 25.50 p.p.
Free bar, 5 hours € 30.00 p.p.
* Based on national assortment (coffee/tea, water, soft drinks, beer, house wines, gin, Beerenburg and Schipperbitter)

Beverages, by the glass
Coffee, tea, Espresso € 2.75
Cappuccino, Latte macchiato €2.90
Soft drinks €2.90
Beer, vase on tap €3.30
Alcohol-free beer €2.90
Domestic spirits €4.50
Martini, sherry and port €4.75
Foreign spirits €5.50
Cognac V.S.O.P, Glenfiddich, Jack Daniels €6.75
Mixed drinks (served in a long drink glass) €9.50
Gin Tonic (served in a long drink glass) €11.50

Upon request we can order special wines for you, please see our wine list.

House wines
Aradón blanco (white), Rioja €29,00
Domaine de Mont-Auriol Chardonnay (white), France €29,00
Primitivo Sangiovese (red), Italy €29,00
Domaine de Montmarin (rosé), France €27.50

Prosecco Superiore Bepin de Eto, Italy € 38.50

Pascal Deviliers brut €65,-

Wine package (based on 3 courses)
To complete your dinner, we recommend a wine pairing with sparkling reception and a specially selected matching wine with each course.€ 32.50 p.p.

*The prices shown above are per bottle and exclusive of VAT.