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History of Rederij Belle

Rederij Belle was born from an enthusiastic collaboration of two sailors from the sailing charter business. After years as skippers sailing their own clippers, Alfred Vellekoop and Sacha Emmerik were ready for a new challenge. Together they purchased a saloon boat, the “Mitzi Mina”. When they made the purchase, the boat was in need of a renovation and Alfred and Sacha had a clear vision for its future. The “Mitzi Mina” was beautifully reconstructed and renamed “Belle van Zuylen”. With the restoration of the vessel complete, Rederij Belle was born in 1999. In the following years, the pair bought and restored other vessels, and today the Rederij Belle fleet consists of four luxury canal boats: Belle van Zuylen, Dame van Amstel, Adeline and Emma.

Management Team 

Office Team

Our office team is always ready to create a fantastic program to your wishes.


Our experienced captains are familiar with the most-beautiful sailing spots throughout Holland and can tell you about each.  They make every cruise a real treat!

Hosts and Hostesses

Our host(esse)s are very attentive, professional and make sure that your stay on board pleasant.

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