Private party on a boat

A boat ride with friends or family on a beautiful salon boat

A private party on board

A special day on a salon boat

Do you have something special to celebrate? So choose a special location. The canals of Amsterdam or on the Vecht make a magnificent setting for your birthday, anniversary or reunion. Aboard one of our salon boats, we offer you a well-appointed reception, with, for example, a dressed-up drink or a luxury dinner.

While the captain takes you past the most beautiful spots of the capital or the Vecht, we make sure that you and your guests lack nothing. If desired, we can also provide a guide to talk about the history of the area, or live music, or…. whatever you want. We would love to make sure your birthday, anniversary or reunion is a top-notch day.

Luxury boat packages

Amsterdam and the Amstel River

Boat trip with dinner Amsterdam

Dining and sailing through the historic splendor of Amsterdam: this is a beautiful combination of culinary and cultural highlights.

Drinks boat Amsterdam

If you would like to catch up with each other in a relaxed setting prior to your theater performance or dinner, choose our drinks boat package.

Running dinner through Amsterdam

Are you in for a surprising and varied evening at a high culinary level? Then our Running dinner might suit you very well.

Architecture Cruise Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a lot of beautiful, modern architecture in addition to historic buildings – and much of it can be found on the waterfront.

Floating dinner cruise Amsterdam

You are in a restaurant. You are sitting at the table. There will be delicious cooking for you. And yet it is different: you glide gently past Amsterdam canal houses.

High Tea on a boat in Amsterdam

Our High Tea package is a great idea for a family outing, your birthday or a day out with friends.

Party boat rental Amsterdam

Rederij Belle rents classic salon boats with atmosphere and charisma. They are perfect for slightly fancier parties on the water.

Christmas dinner on a boat in Amsterdam

Dine and cruise through Amsterdam at Christmas. Experience Amsterdam during the beautiful Christmas season.

Tour of Zaanse Schans

Enjoying along the Zaanse Schans

Brunch for Christmas on a boat in 2023

Brunch at Christmas on a saloon boat

Christmas Cruise Amsterdam 2023

Christmas Cruise Amsterdam 2023

Christmas lunch on a boat in Amsterdam

Christmas lunch on a boat in Amsterdam

Boating and dining at Christmas on the Amstel

Imagine: a winter day in the heart of the city.

Eating on a boat on the Amstel River

Just imagine: while you are sailing along the Amstel River with your party, our hostess comes along with the menu of an exquisite restaurant.

Wine tasting package on the Amstel

Are you interested in wine? Or just an enthusiast? Cruise the Amstel River in style on our salon boat to a wine tasting.

Luxury boat packages

The Vecht

Historic cruise on the Vecht River

Country houses, tea domes, green shores and a magnificent saloon boat. Plus a guide takes you that to earlier times.

Floating dinner on the Vecht

We offer you a culinary package with a very special menu: you sail from one dish to another in a luxury saloon boat.

Muiderslot package

Where the Vecht flows into the IJmeer stands a mighty castle. Visit the Muiderslot with one of our stylish salon boats.

Taking a drinks boat out on the Vecht

Do you want to head to your dinner at a restaurant entirely in style? Then invite all guests for an “appetizer” on your own drinks boat.

Party boat rental on the Vecht

Fancy a party on the water? We have several beautiful salon boats available that can take your partying party.

High Tea boat ride on the Vecht

Mini brownies, mini cheesecake, sandwiches, cream puffs, scones, savory muffins and fresh fruit: indulge in a High Tea on the Vecht.

Luxury boat packages

Other sailing areas

Dinner cruise on the Loosdrecht lakes

A delicious 3-course dinner with a panoramic view: that’s double enjoyment! Come and have a nice meal together on the Loosdrecht lakes.

Renting a salon boat on the Westeinderplassen

Would you like to take a scenic cruise, in a beautiful setting? Then choose to rent a salon boat on the Westeinderplassen.

Eating on a boat on the Westeinderplassen

An à la carte dinner on a boat may sound strange. But fine dining on a boat on the Westeinderplassen is a real experience!