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Sailing with a party boat on the Vecht

Fancy a party on the water? We have several beautiful salon boats available that can take your celebrating party on a cruise down the Vecht River. Castles off, music on: here we go!

We make the party complete

Is it your birthday? Do you have a wedding coming up? Does anyone have an anniversary to celebrate? Is it actually high time for a reunion again? There are more than enough reasons to rent a party boat on the Vecht. Even “a party, just because it’s fun” sounds good.
We are happy to make sure your party is arranged to perfection. We offer several options for catering, as elaborate as you want it. And we can also arrange on-board entertainment. A DJ, a singer or vocalist, or perhaps a mini-band? It’s coming together.

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Party or celebration?

Rederij Belle has four salon boats, in different sizes. Are you with a modest party of 20, or will it be a large party of 70? There is a suitable party boat for every party on the Vecht.

We're not going home yet

Your party boat can dock at lots of places on the Vecht to take your guests aboard. And similarly, your cruise can go in any direction. A “round trip” on the Vecht – sailing a stretch out and the same stretch back – is obvious. In that case, your departure point is also again the place to disembark. But sailing in one direction is also possible. If necessary, we can then also arrange transportation from the arrival point to the departure point for you.
Each sailing route has its own sailing time. Basically, your tour starts at 8 p.m. The end time can be determined by mutual agreement. The “late hours” are also possible.


The cost of renting a party boat on the Vecht depends on the number of people and the duration of the trip. To give an example, if you sail for three hours with 50 people, the price is approx. €60 per person. This price includes drinks, snacks, service, ship rental and VAT. Not included are extras such as a DJ or singer on board.

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