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For centuries, the Amstel River has been a popular destination for those who long for a beautiful and peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle…

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Corporate Sailing in Style

If you are looking for a special venue for your next meeting or corporate event, you should consider bringing business to the water with a…

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Wedding Cruise on the Amstel

Getting Married on the Amstel River
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Boating on the River Amstel through Amsterdam

The beautiful Amstel River runs through the heart of Amsterdam. If you sail the river from the IJ, you will pass under many famous bridges including the Blue Bridge, the Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge) with the Amstel Locks and the Berlagebrug.  Along the shores you will see equally-famous and impressive building including the Stopera, the Hermitage Museum, Carré Theatre and the Amstel Hotel. As you leave the vibrant city, you will sail into the lush, green area near Ouderkerk; during the Middle Ages, this village was the seat of the Lords of Amstel.  Today the quiet town is home to some 7,000 inhabitants and a number of fine restaurants.

You and your guests can take in the beauty of the Amstel with four canal boats: Emma (20 people), Belle van Zuylen (30 people), Adeline (50 people), and the Dame van Amstel (80 people).

Uithoorn and Beyond

From Ouderkerk, you will sail to the small town of Nes aan de Amstel, established in the 16th Century.  As you continue your cruise southward, you will arrive in Uithoorn.  Here, the Amstel River splits into two, smaller waterways, the Drecht and Kromme Mijdrecht.  The Kromme Mijdrecht, with its meandering course, is especially beautiful to navigate.  Along the Amstel you will also find many old fortresses what were a part of the defence line of Amsterdam, or “Stelling van Amsterdam”.  In addition, due to the consistent humidity, there are a number of small wineries lining the banks.

Your cruise on the Amstel River can begin in Amsterdam or Uithoorn, but other departure locations are possible.  Together in a consultation, we can help you choose the right boarding and disembarkation for you and your guests.

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Amstel Cuisine Cruise

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Outing on the Amstel

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