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Getting married on a boat on the Amstel River

Getting married on a boat on the Amstel River

Don’t step into just any marriage. Choose a stylish salon boat, with original furnishings. Plus a beautiful river. On the Amstel you sail very gradually from city to countryside, from bustle to calm, from buildings to views. It is a nice build-up to the moment when you will say yes to each other. Where do you do that? Perhaps already on the edge of the city, in the Amstel Park built for the Floriade 1972. Or at a beautiful location in Ouderkerk or Uithoorn. Or on board, because you can do that too!

The official sails along

On Rederij Belle’s salon boats, you can be officially joined in matrimony by a civil registrar. The municipality in which you get married depends on where on the Amstel you want to do so. The official must be on board at that time.
Someone else – a family member, friend or acquaintance – may also perform the marriage. You need to submit an application for that, so that he or she is an Extraordinary Civil Status Officer for one day. By the way, the official officiant then sails along, to ensure that the wedding ceremony is conducted correctly.

Back into town as a bride and groom

On the Amstel, you can’t get bored. Therefore, you can feel free to make this trip once there and once back. This is how you leave Amsterdam as an unmarried couple and sail back into the city as a wedding couple! Sailing in one direction is also possible, of course, but that may require transportation from where you disembark to where you disembarked earlier. We can take care of that too.

Wedding photos or wedding film?

No wedding without wedding photos – but more and more couples are thinking differently. In this digital age, they choose to have their wedding captured on film, by a professional videographer. What is your preference?


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