Cruising routes on the Amstel River

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Cruising routes

The Amstel begins just below Uithoorn, where the Drecht and Kromme Mijdrecht merge. The name was once Aeme-stelle, meaning as much as “watery area. From Uithoorn, the river flows through Ouderkerk to Amsterdam. There he will encounter several more bridges, including the Berlage Bridge, the High Lock, the Skinny Bridge and also the Amstel Locks. The Amstel ends in the Rokin, at the Spui. Your cruise can begin and end basically anywhere between Amsterdam and Uithoorn. If you start in Amsterdam, your guests can also board elsewhere in the city and we will sail from that spot first to the Amstel River.

Sailing on the Amstel River with a salon boat

Our salon boats Adeline and Dame van Amstel pass the beautiful towns of Nes aan de Amstel and Ouderkerk aan de Amstel.

Sailing from Uithoorn to Amsterdam

The boat ride down the Amstel River, from Uithoorn to Amsterdam, begins nationwide. The Amstel River meanders through the collapsed peat landscape.

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