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Light pop music singer Cleo
Live music bookable from € 350,00.

Accordionist Jaap or Rien
All styles of accordion, also with vocals.


A guide on board as you cruise on a salon boat through Amsterdam . Or boating on the Vecht with a guide to
board? Both are possible! Ask us about the possibilities.


Some suggestions for entertainers you can book for a show during your cruise on one of our ships.

  • Oyster King
    Brighten up your party with the oyster king opening the oysters himself on board, you can hardly get fresher!
  • Caviar Queen
    A charming lady pampers you with the finest delicacy from the sea….
  • Art historian
    Disembark along the way for a scenic walking tour guided by our art historian.
  • Photographer
    With photography team Sanders & Rozemeijer, together you will determine the ideal mix between photography styles. Journalistic-
    or traditional photography. And the most beautiful wedding photographs!
  • Magician
    Louis Baerts, magician and entertainer, knows how to effortlessly engage guests of all ages and at every level
    Take into his world of magic and illusion!


On the water, everything is different. A funeral will be a special event. Scattering ashes becomes a
solemn ritual. You are welcome on one of our luxury salon boats.

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