Swinging on the canals of Amsterdam

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Swinging through the canals of Amsterdam

Fancy a special party for your employees? Reserve a special party room: one of our luxury salon boats. Laugh, live, dance and drink (a little) as the boat visits the most beautiful spots in Amsterdam.

Celebrate your own party

A good party involves dancing and singing. How fun is it to do that sailing through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam? Aboard your own salon boat?
Let us make your party a swinging night. The atmospheric lighting and intimate ambiance complete the revelry. Music (DJ or live) plays, there is room to dance. Those who do not wish to do so will find a spot at one of the tables around the dance floor. A top night for everyone!

Last round?

Usually, this swinging package starts around 8 p.m. with a festive reception on board. A little earlier or later is also possible. And similarly, we can mutually determine when it is time to stop the music and disembark again.

There can be dancing

What does such an evening “swinging through the canals of Amsterdam” look like? For example, like this.

  • 8 p.m.
    Reception aboard one of our luxury salon boats moored in the center of Amsterdam, or at another location of your choice. There is a welcome drink and once the whole party is complete, the party can begin.
  • 8:30 p.m.
    You cruise through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, we serve drinks and various appetizers. The DJ spins request songs. Perhaps you would like a live singer or vocalist on board? We know a few! Either way: there can be dancing.
  • 11:30 p.m.
    End of a pleasant and successful evening. You will be back at the point of embarkation.
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