Brunch for Christmas on a boat in 2023

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Brunch for Christmas on a boat in 2023

Family and friends around you. A stylishly decorated boat. A perfect brunch buffet and a beautiful cruise through Amsterdam. How much better to celebrate Christmas 2023?

Being cozy together

Getting together at Christmas is a beautiful tradition. Whether you’ve hardly seen each other all year or have seen each other a little more often, it’s the time to catch up in a relaxed atmosphere.

A brisk walk is actually part of that. But we like to suggest something else: a surprise cruise. Perhaps a little less strenuous, but at least as much fun. And we are sure our Christmas brunch will taste just as good to you.

Come aboard, sit back and enjoy Christmas on the water. The boat is decorated “at Christmas” and we are going to make sure you have a great time.


Sample program Christmas brunch Amsterdam

11:30 The captain will receive you aboard your boat. We serve coffee and tea.
12.00 The mooring lines are cast off, your cruise begins.
12.30 We serve a sumptuous brunch buffet in Christmas atmosphere, with hot and cold dishes.
12.45 During the cruise we will serve drinks of your choice.
14.30 End of the package, you will be back at the place of departure.

Create your own menu

Your brunch buffet can be put together by arrangement. For example, we can serve our brunch minis. This is an assortment of five hard and soft mini sandwiches, mini sandwiches, mini wraps and bruschettas, topped with a variety of deluxe meats, cheeses and salads.

– Beef carpaccio with pesto, pine nuts and fresh Parmesan cheese
– Homemade salmon salad with three colors of paprika
– Vitello Tonnato, tuna salad with veal
– Roast beef with truffle mayonnaise
– Egg truffle salad
– Chicken and avocado
– Aged cheese with truffle mayonnaise
– Caprese of buffalo mozzarella, tomato and pesto

We would be happy to make more suggestions for a brunch buffet that is completely in line with your needs and your budget. Please get in touch for your ideal 2023 Christmas brunch!


How many people would you like to have brunch for Christmas?

We have four luxury salon boats with capacities of 20, 30, 60 and 80 guests. Groups of up to 150 people can be welcomed on our steamship Succes. This classic boat does not sail in Amsterdam’s canals, but along the most beautiful spots on the IJ and in Amsterdam’s old port area.

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