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A cruise along the Zaanse Schans

For many tourists, the Zaanse Schans with eight beautiful windmills in a row is the picture of the Netherlands. It definitely belongs in the list of cheese, clogs, dikes and bulb fields. The Zaanse Schans offers a beautiful setting, both for a festive occasion and a business meeting. It is a beautiful sight to see the mills mirrored in the water.

The Zaanse Schans

The Zaanse Schans has much more to offer, by the way. Starting in 1961, numerous old buildings were moved here, to preserve them together in one place for the future. Scattered throughout the grounds are a total of 15 mills, including a spice mill and the only working paint mill in the world. Other properties include a shipyard, a clog factory, Albert Heijn’s recreated grocery store, a cheese factory, a restaurant and a distillery museum. So for the ínternal man, there is plenty to do. Of course, the crew of the salon boat can also pamper you with any kind of catering.

zaanse schans

Sailing on the Zaan: looking at industrial heritage

Scattered along the Zaan are numerous old factories. They are part of an old industrial area that once began, four centuries ago, with a single sawmill. In recent decades, industry has increasingly found a place outside the city.

Boating tour with a guide

Fortunately, many of the beautiful, old behemoths have been saved by giving them new uses. Cruising down the Zaan on one of our salon boats gives you the best view of the former Verkade factory, soap factory De Adelaar, the old Honig factory and all those other impressive buildings. Would you like an expert guide on board to tell more about the Zaan’s industrial past? We are happy to arrange that for you. With shipping company Belle, you can rent a boat for any cruising route between the Amsterdam IJ and the expansive Alkmaarder Lake.

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