Taking a drinks boat out on the Vecht

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Sailing on the Vecht with a drinks boat

Do you want to head to your dinner at a restaurant entirely in style? Then invite all guests for an “appetizer” on your own drinks boat. Our luxury saloon boat provides the right ambiance for a relaxing chat with everyone.

All the time for sociability

A dinner party, no matter how successful – still often has one small drawback: the fixed table arrangement. First and foremost, of course, it is about enjoying delicious food, but conversations with tablemates are also important. To make sure everyone gets a chance to talk to everyone, we have a great solution: the drinks boat. It sails the beautiful Vecht River for two hours: plenty of time to reminisce, exchange news and have a good time together. You will arrive exactly on time at the location where you will continue the evening. Meanwhile, our hospitable crew provides a small snack and drink on board.

Looking around from the Vecht

Sailing a drinks boat on the Vecht is a real pleasure. You will pass through villages that the river bisects. You will see vast meadows and ponds, as well as the most magnificent country houses and classic teahouses. And you are among friends.

Where to and from?

  • Your itinerary, of course, depends on where the restaurant of your choice is located. In addition, you can choose from numerous pick-up locations along the Vecht, from Maarssen to Muiden. The standard duration of a drink boat tour on the Vecht is two hours, but if your combination of embarkation point and destination requires more time, that can of course be adjusted. If you are still looking for a fine restaurant, on or close to the Vecht: we have a good idea of the culinary possibilities in the area. Therefore, there are a few occasions that we can heartily recommend.
varen over de vecht


The price of the Borrelboot Vecht package is possible from € 55, – p.p. based on 20 persons. You can also reserve a drinks boat for a cruise in Amsterdam or the Loosdrechtse Plassen.

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