Boating and dining at Christmas in Amsterdam

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A festive end to the year

Want to fete your friends, colleagues or clients during Christmas? Or close the year happily together? During and around Christmas, we offer a special cruise for a 3-course dinner: in Amsterdam, on one of our salon boats, along the Amstel River.

Boating and dining on the Amstel at Christmas

Imagine: a winter day in the heart of the city. The wind blows briskly across the street and you pull your coat up a little further. But there the heated salon boat is already there, ready to set sail. The captain will help you and your party on board; the crew will welcome you with a nice drink. The tables are set with white linen, the boat is decorated with balls and garlands. Christmas lights on the outside of the ship as well as inside complete the picture. Your Christmas dinner aboard your own salon boat can begin. Would you like an aperitif in advance?

varen amsterdam

All the lights

December is the holiday season, especially in Amsterdam. Of course, the bridges are beautifully lit and the facades of the canal houses are highlighted. But the city is also extra lit that month (and part of January) because of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Your salon boat can even navigate the special festival route past the works of art.

A unique Christmas dinner on a boat in Amsterdam

Aboard our salon boat you will experience the charm of wintry Amsterdam. Perhaps a layer of snow has fallen and you will cruise through a fairytale setting reminiscent of an Anton Pieck picture book. Meanwhile, one of the top restaurants we work with is hard at work on your Christmas dinner. Once the starters, mains and desserts are prepared, we dock briefly to take them on board. Served immediately, your unique Christmas dinner on our salon boat gets underway. With perfect dishes, which of course you can drink a delicious wine with.

varen met kerst

Your evening, your menu

Various menus are available for your Christmas dinner on a boat in Amsterdam – and so is the route to be sailed. We are happy to consult with you to put together an evening entirely to your taste.

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