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Arrangements Westeinderplassen

Business boating on the Westeinderplassen

Meadows and fields, dikes with farms, water features and Dutch cloudscapes: the perfect setting to host your relations for a presentation or meeting. And the…

A private party on a boat on Westeinderplassen

Something to celebrate? Take space for it. Board one of our luxury salon boats and take a cruise on the vast Westeinder…

Getting married on a boat on the Westeinderplassen

Getting married on a boat on the Westeinderplassen.

Sailing on the Loosdrecht lakes

Boating on the Westeinderplassen

The Westeinderplassen as a water sports area
The Westeinderplassen, which have an area of over 10 km², consist of a large lake and several smaller ponds. The ponds are connected by a network of small ditches. You can swim, sail, windsurf, row and motorboat. Along the shores of the Westeinderplassen are about 50 marinas. There are also recreational areas, including at Vrouwentroost and Aalsmeer (near the water tower). Beaches have been constructed at the recreational areas.

From April through October, many recreationalists can be found on and around the Westeinderplassen. There are a lot of islets in the lakes, most of them privately owned and used for recreation. People used to place their summer houses there but today that is prohibited and only day recreation is allowed. In addition to the private islands, there are also a few islands for public recreation on which to barbecue, for example. The islets are accessible only by boat.

Boat trip on the Westeinderplassen

Salon boats on the Westeinderplassen
Our salon boats Dame van Amstel, Adeline and the smaller Emma can sail on the Westeinderplassen. The Dame van Amstel and the Adeline are suitable for somewhat larger groups, the Emma for small groups of up to 20 people. More information on these salon boats can be found at: Lady of Amstel, Adeline or Emma.
Of course, it is also possible to dine on board at any level. Learn more about the catering options aboard our ships at catering options.

The nature of the Westeinderplassen
In, on and around the Westeinderplassen there is a wealth of flora and fauna: fish, birds and (rare) plants. Fish swimming in the Westeinderplassen include pike, eel and the rare European catfish.

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