Wedding and reception on a boat

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Wedding and reception on a boat

For the most beautiful day of your life, you really should also choose the most beautiful ship. Steamship Success is a beautiful wedding boat with fine accommodations for your entire wedding: from reception and ceremony to reception, dinner and party night.
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Official wedding location

With its romantic look, the Success is a popular wedding venue. Many happy couples have already said yes to each other in the salon or on the deck. Very often this was followed by a lunch, reception, dinner or party aboard our luxury saloon steamer.

Success is registered with several municipalities as an official wedding venue. In many cases, you can also choose your own registrar, such as a family member, friend or our own captain. We are happy to help you with that.

For the wedding ceremony, we set aside about an hour. The official part with the official takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

Getting married ashore

When the wedding ceremony is performed, the Success is still moored. Not because bride or groom might change their mind and then still get out of the wedding boat. Well because a marriage ceremony is legally a public affair. Everyone should be able to witness it. After the vows, our famous steam organ plays the wedding march and the Success can set sail, for a cruise or on its way to a destination of your choice.

Your program

Celebrating your wedding on the Success has all the grandeur of getting married on a cruise ship: luxury, comfort, stunning 360-degree views and – also important – excellent care.

Service and kitchen staff see to it that you lack nothing. Just indicate what your requirements are. Reception with coffee? Wedding cake and champagne? Reception with drinks and appetizers? Hot or cold buffet? Three-course dinner? Tasty snacks during the party?
We arrange everything. Even live music on board. You don’t have to think about anything and can fully enjoy yourself.

Wedding planning

Do you already have a date in mind to get married on this classic boat? Then contact us to place an option, we can be reached at 0294 – 261433. Then check with your municipality to see if a registrar is available then. If so, reserve the official as well as the Success!

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