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An athletic sailing battle

The Lemsteraken Regatta: a sporting sailing battle

Experience for yourself the spectacle and thrill of a real-life sailing race. Setting strategy, working together and, of course, staying ahead of the competition. Sailing with lemsteraken is a wonderful event to treat your relations or your staff!

All space on deck

Lemsteraken are built specifically for racing sailing. That means: picking up speed and maneuvering sharply. The barges we deploy are also all of the “fisherman” type. They have a large, spacious cockpit to spend time together and experience sailing to the fullest. Below deck is a stylishly furnished salon.

For our Lemsteraken Regatta, we set a course on the Markermeer near Muiden. You and your guests will help hoist the sails, tighten the sheets and lower the leeboards.

Prepared for everything

If we go sharp to windward, tube water can come over the ship. Therefore, professional sailing gear is on board for all crew members. When the wind is strong, life jackets also come on deck.

Teams of twelve

For the Lemsteraken Regatta, you can divide your group into teams of 12 people each at your discretion. With 60 people, that’s five teams, so five lemsteraken. In such a not too large competition field, the operations of “the competitors” are easy to follow.
Sailing experience is not required for this race. Prior to the real races, a trial round is sailed, where skipper and mate introduce you to competitive sailing. You will get to know the ship, the most important commands will pass by, and before you know it, you will have assisted in tacking. Everyone can be active and participate in plenty of sailing.

Day Program Lemsteraken Regatta

10:00 Your party will be welcomed aboard Stoomschip Succes in Muiden with coffee and some goodies. After the welcome speech by the captain, the ship sails toward the starting area for the sailing regatta on the Markermeer.
11:00 The steamer anchors and the teams board the Lemsteraken for a practice run.
13:00 The Lemsteraken come alongside again for lunch aboard the Succes.
14:30 Start first race.
15:30 Finish first race.
16:00 Start second race.
17:00 Finish second race and drinks aboard the lemsteraken.
18:00 The lemsteraken dock next to Steamship Success. Awards ceremony followed by dinner on board.
20:30 Arrival in Muiden, end of program.

Booking Information

You can rent this sailboat for a full day, half-day or evening or a two-day trip where you stay overnight in a hotel.

Berth, route & free parking

Our sailing ship Lemsteraak Grote Jager has her berth at Herengracht t/o 43 in Muiden. A short walk from the berth are two large (free) parking lots. You cannot park on the Herengracht, but you can load/unload.

Parking lot addresses

P1 – corner of Maxisweg/Weesperweg

P2 – Mariahoeveweg

From both parking lots, follow the hiking trails to “Ferry Pampus.” The Great Hunter is located near the ferry service

First three hours €1.250,00
Every subsequent hour €125,00
Operation per hour (from 20 people). €35.50 (optional)

Sailing fee per hour €125.00

Prices include skipper and sailor excluding VAT.

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