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For us, each new season starts with major maintenance to our vessels. One by one, each of them leaves for the shipyard in Zaandam for a full safety and reliability check, to ascertain the good condition of the underwater hull and where necessary to make practical improvements.

All interiors are worked on to make the beautiful woodwork shine once more. The engines are overhauled to make sure they will be able to take you on sailing trips during the entire season, wherever you would like: along the Vecht, the Amsterdam canals, the wide open Markermeer and IJsselmeer and, with SS Succes in mind, along all beautiful and attractive Dutch, Belgian and even European waterways.

In- and Exterior of our riverboats in top condition
The interior and exterior of all 4 riverboats, for instance the Belle van Zuylen shown here, are carefully checked. We perform thickness measurements on the underwater hull and subsequently apply an anti-fouling layer. (In fact: we will go over the entire vessel with our paintbrush.) The hulls will receive a generous dose of paint and the woodwork is given a shiny new layer of varnish.

180 hours sanding and varnishing for the ‘Grote Jager’
We delivered our speed devil to the Shipyard at the beginning of November. The underwater hull was checked and passed muster, the whole vessel was painted and all the woodwork varnished. In all, it took 180 hours sanding and varnishing to achieve a great result. No mean achievement, but worth every bit of trouble taken. Where needed, the interior has been adapted.

Grote Jager is built to win races. All kinds of tiny improvements have been made, new winches have been installed, old ones have been overhauled, and the lee boards have been shortened to improve our achievements in shallow water. We’ll see how that goes! Will you join us?

Certified for the entire Netherlands and Europe
The grand old dame of our fleet is also our latest addition. SS Succes has been thoroughly checked by the Shipping Inspection from bow to stern while in dock. She has been certified for 5 years and has been reissued all required certificates (Shipping Inspection, Rhine test etc.) to be able to sail the European waterways.

Subsequently, the dame received a fresh layer of anti-fouling paint under the water line. A new bilge system and a new CO₂ extinguishing gas system have been installed, and all fire extinguishers and water pumps have been replaced. Finally, dead weight was added to increase stability.

All this adds up to your and our guarantee for an entire season’s smooth sailing!

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