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Renting a party boat

A party on a boat is a combination that not everyone immediately thinks of. But those who have experienced it once really don’t want anything else. A location all to yourself, the freedom, the space around you … sailing is one big party!

Where is that party? To the Success!

The Success is a party venue par excellence, and there are several reasons for that. The Success is large, accommodating as many as 150 guests. The ship is very tastefully decorated, with teak, copper, leather and glass. And it features two lounges where your party will come to life. The upper saloon has comfortable round seating and a bar. From there, you can walk straight to the sun deck, where it is also very good to stay in the late hours.

The downstairs lounge features a spacious glass dance floor and a second bar. The sound system is linked to a music computer with thousands of titles also has options for a DJ. Are there any request numbers?

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Make more of it with a theme party

Are you fond of a particular era? Do you have a favorite artist or band? Do you want to sail at carnival or Halloween? Then consider a theme party, with dressed-up guests. We are happy to help you decorate your party boat in style.

Parties in full swing

The party begins when the first guests come aboard. If everyone is present, then the mooring lines go loose and we seek the open water. The party picks up steam, the music gets a little louder and no neighbors come to complain. Our friendly crew will fill glasses and provide you with tasty snacks.

Would you also like live music on board, or an entertainer? Then please get in touch, we have a wide network of professional artists.


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