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Business boating on the Vinkeveen lakes

Get away from the office, the elevator, the cafeteria and the copy machine? Then hold your progress meeting, presentation or monthly get-together in a completely different…

A private party on a boat on the Vinkeveen lakes

The Vinkeveense Plassen are a wetland of some 960 hectares, located between Vinkeveen, Loenersloot and Abcoude. They are popular with nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts. U…

Sailing on the Vinkeveen lakes

Boating routes in Vinkeveen

The Vinkeveense Plassen is a nature and water sports area northeast of Vinkeveen. The lakes can be reached from the Amstel River. Due to their central location and easy accessibility via the A2 motorway, the Vinkeveense Plassen are very popular with water sports enthusiasts.

Consequently, there are a few marinas on the lakes, as well as a number of good restaurants.
Besides boating, Vinkeveense Plassen also offers excellent swimming, diving and water skiing. Several companies rent sailing and rowing boats.

Peace, nature and liveliness on a salon boat

A cruise on the Vinkeveen lakes offers several options. The lakes are characterized by legacies and a ring of twelve sand islands. The legacies are home to diverse flora and fauna. De Botshol is even home to a spoonbill colony. So if you love nature, you should definitely sail on the Vinkeveense Plassen.
But a cruise with a little more “hustle and bustle” is also possible. For example, there is an attractive route that alternates between sailing through open and sheltered waters, seeing quiet nature and buildings, and sailing across ponds, on ditches and between legacies. Along the way, you will pass beautiful villas on the shores and can moor for refreshment at one of the many catering establishments.

Salon boats on the Vinkeveen lakes

Our salon boats Dame van Amstel and Belle van Zuylen regularly sail on the Vinkeveense Plassen. For smaller parties, the Belle van Zuylen is best suited; it can accommodate up to 30 people. If you have a larger group, you can go to the Dame of Amstel. This is the largest salon boat in the Netherlands: she can accommodate parties of up to 80 people.

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