Company outing Pampus, sailing on a BBQ boat

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A company outing Pampus and sailing on the finest BBQ Boat!

Looking for a unique cruise to one of the most beautiful islands in the Netherlands? Then opt for a trip to the beautiful island of Pampus! Located in the Markermeer, Pampus is an island with a strong historical character. At Pampus, you will find the defences built in the 19th century, including the very famous Pampus Battery. This Pampus battery is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. With a cruise to Island Pampus, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Markermeer.

Lovely enjoyment on our beautiful steamship together with colleagues. A fully catered day with the wind in your hair and a bit of culture sniffing. Then the chefs turn on the BBQ, while you can relax on one of the decks with a glass in hand.

Whether the sun is shining or there is some rain, you can have a fantastic time on our steamship during your company outing or team building session. Step aboard and be pampered by our welcoming crew!

Enjoy together with colleagues this unique company outing

A company outing on a boat with a BBQ is a great way to build team spirit, reward staff and have fun at the same time. This unique experience delivers a sense of freedom, allowing everyone to relax, work together and make fun memories.

By boat we will sail to Pampus where you will start with a visit to the fortress island. Then the mooring lines break loose for a cruise on the IJsselmeer and outer IJ.

Along the way you can admire the old steam boiler and steam engines, the captain can tell you all about them. With a drink in hand, enjoy the view of Pampus and the Muiderslot while the ship is at anchor.

A company outing on a boat to island Pampus is the perfect way to reward your staff for their hard work!

The Secret Arms of Amsterdam

At Pampus, you can fly over the Defence Line of Amsterdam in a virtual balloon ride.

Be surprised and get on board Leon Mary! He will take you on a dizzying balloon ride over The Defence Line of Amsterdam. This defence line of up to 135 kilometres long was built around the capital in the 19th century. The Defence Line is still clearly visible in the landscape and is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List. During the virtual balloon ride, you will learn all about it. An unforgettable experience!

To finish, enjoy a delicious barbecue prepared by our chef.

Program by boat to Pampus and BBQ package

1:30 p.m., reception on board
On board, coffee, tea and homemade brownies will be waiting for you while the captain gives a welcoming speech and briefly tells you about the history of the ship.

1:45 p.m., off to Pampus!
The ropes are cast off for your cruise to Pampus.

3:30 p.m., visit to Pampus
The steamboat will dock at the fortress island of Pampus where you will disembark for a visit to the island that is part of the “Stelling van Amsterdam. Using a booklet with a map and description of the fort, you can choose your own route through all the rooms and corridors in the fort. Inside the fort, the multimedia and interactive “Pampus Experience” brings the Defence Line of Amsterdam and the fort to life.

4:30 p.m., out on the water
Now it’s time for drinks with delicious snacks! If you like it you can join the captain on the bridge to help steer and navigate. Along the way, you can also visit the antique steam engines and steam boiler house.

5:30 p.m., at anchor
The anchor goes out in a nice sheltered spot overlooking Pampus and Muiderslot.

6 p.m., BBQ
A tasty barbecue will be served for you on deck.

8 p.m., end of program
You and your guests disembark after a beautiful day.

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