Canal tour Vecht - Breukelen - Loosdrecht

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Cruise Vecht - Breukelen - Loosdrecht

The cruise down the Vecht to the Loosdrecht lakes is a very varied route. The route starts in Breukelen at the Boom and Bosch Town Hall. From there, you sail toward Nieuwersluis past some beautiful country houses and on, to Loenen aan de Vecht. Just before Loenen, leave the Vecht and reach the Loosdrecht lakes via the Mijnden lock.

From Breukelen to Brooklyn

In the 12th century, a toll bridge was built across the Vecht, connecting Breukelen-Nijenrode and Breukelen-Sint Pieters. As a result, the village went through great development. In the 16th and 17th centuries, numerous estates, including Gunterstein, Queekhoven and Vechtvliet, sprang up along the Vecht and the adjacent Zandpad. The Brooklyn borough of New York is named after Breukelen.
Breukelen Town Hall, the former Boom and Bosch country house, is the wedding location of the Municipality of Stichtse Vecht and has a jetty in the garden. Our shipping company uses it regularly.

varen op de vecht

The country houses of Nieuwersluis

Nieuwersluis is built around a lock between the rivers Vecht and Angstel. Fort Nieuwersluis was part of the Dutch Waterline and, since 1850, the New Dutch Waterline. Between Breukelen and Nieuwersluis, the Vecht has a rural and wooded character. We cruise past the country houses De Vijverhof, Over Holland, Sterrenschans and Rupelmonde.

Through the crooked lock

A kilometer after Nieuwersluis, we arrive at the Mijnden lock. This lock has a special curved shape: it follows the natural curvature of the Western Drecht, in which it was built. Our next waterway is the Loosdrechtse Plassen: vast expanses of water created by peat excavation. Here and there are still the little islands, these are the old legacies where the peat was laid out to dry.
A variety of restaurants can be found on the shores of the various lakes. So, every opportunity to end your cruise with dinner.


The cruise Vecht-Breukelen-Loosdrechtse Plassen takes about 3 hours. The length of the tour and on-board catering is entirely up to your wishes.

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