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Renting a gift boat for Sinterklaas

The Saint comes from Spain. And he comes with a steamboat. It has been that way for one hundred and seventy years and it will remain that way. If you are organizing your own St. Nicholas parade by water, choose the Succes as an original packet boat!

See yonder comes the steamboat!

The Success is not nearly as old as Saint Nicholas himself, but it has since reached a respectable age. It has been more than 120 years since this steamboat slid down the ramp in Dordrecht. The classic look makes her the ideal gift boat to rent for Sinterklaas. The name Pakjesboot is, of course, in large letters on the bow.

The upper deck offers plenty of room for a waving St. Nicholas and lots of jumping and dancing Pieten. From what we have heard, you can also sprinkle peppercorns excellently from there. In the downstairs lounge, Saint and Pieten can quietly prepare for the entry.

Sing along with the Success

On the upper deck of the Success is the largest steam organ in Europe. It can be heard from afar and of course plays “See yonder comes the steamboat. With an organ player on board, even a complete Sinterklaas repertoire can be performed.

In the photo, in the film

Can the children have their picture taken with St. Nicholas after the entry? Our upstairs lounge is a wonderful place for it. There is clear routing so that the queue remains orderly. We will provide hot chocolate and speculoos. And for mom and dad a nice cup of coffee or something stronger.

As a matter of fact, the Saint has been captured many times on the Success. For example, the boat was also featured in the series “The Club of Sinterklaas” and the Sinterklaas movie “Take my heart. Perhaps you would also like to record a program? Or onboard a TV commercial? The pack boat is entirely at your disposal.

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