Getting married on a boat on the Loosdrecht lakes

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Getting married on a boat on the Loosdrecht lakes

A beautiful salon boat on wrinkle-free water, under a brilliant blue sky: this is a very special place to look deep into each other’s eyes and say yes. But when getting married on a boat, there’s actually a lot more you can do. Just imagine a wedding cake and champagne toast on the back deck. Or a first-class dinner at one long table. Or a party night with live music.

On board and ashore?

If you want, you can get married on the salon boat and stay there all day, too. But a combination with shore-based activities is also fun. For example, your day might look like this.

  • Gather at the pick-up point.
  • By salon boat to the wedding venue.
  • Marriage ceremony.
  • Return to the salon boat, cruise around with the final destination being the location of the reception.
  • Afterwards by parlor boat back to the pick-up point.

You probably have many more wishes and ideas of your own. We are happy to discuss what can be done and how. And then we arrange everything. This is how we ensure that the most beautiful day of your life becomes even more beautiful.


Live cooking

Getting married on a boat also gives you opportunities for a culinary surprise. Have our onboard chef prepare dinner for your guests. It is served straight from the kitchen: it couldn’t be fresher and tastier. Do you already have a menu in mind? Or would you like to sit down with our chef first? He is happy to make you some delicious suggestions.

Photographer on board?

Some couples really want the “classic wedding photos,” while others opt for a photo report of the day. Often it also becomes both. Either way, you need a good photographer. Therefore, this tip: look for it in a timely manner. Ask friends and acquaintances if they know someone suitable. If you can’t find anyone, we know a few professionals for you.

Want to know more immediately or have a specific question?

You can take our Christmas cruise along the Amsterdam Light Festival on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Which of our four boats we use depends on the size of your party.

Amsterdam Light Festival Christmas drinks cruise

– Boat ride from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
– Drinks Plate
– Drinks from the bar (beer, wine, soft drinks)

The price of this package depends on the group size. To give you an indication:

For 15-30 people € 75.00
For 30-50 people € 65.00
For 50-80 people € 55.00

* These prices exclude VAT and include a contribution to the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Amsterdam Light Festival Christmas cruise with buffet

– Boat ride from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m.
– Winter dinner buffet
– Drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks)