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Private funeral by boat

On the water, things are always different. A private funeral can be a special event. Scattering ashes becomes a solemn ritual. You are welcome on one of our luxury salon boats. A farewell in the presence of only your brother, sister, wife and children, nothing more. Saying goodbye in private doesn’t mean it can’t be done in style. Especially a private funeral can be organized in style. A funeral on a saloon boat in private is already possible from €480.

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Remembrance in a beautiful ambiance

What was important to her was where she would say goodbye to him. Along the Amstel River, which is where they had met during a youth club swimming outing. They still went back to this place many times. Then came the idea of saying goodbye on a boat in private.

On the spot where they had met, along the Amstel River near the Weesperzijde. The coffin was brought aboard and everyone sat down around it. With the beautiful view of the Amstel River and in the background his favorite music. Speaking was not necessary. What were they supposed to say? And for whom? They knew everything about each other anyway. It became a moving farewell. The six of them sat around the coffin. In silence, they lit the candles. The music played, there was no talking.

The mooring lines were quietly untied and the salon boat glided silently down the Amstel River toward Zorgvlied Cemetery. After a while, the children grabbed their drawing materials, wrote bills and placed them with their grandfather. His daughter picked a few flowers from the flower arrangement, which she placed with her father. They held each other tightly.

Arriving at the cemetery, the casket was brought to the grave and buried in private. Back aboard the salon boat, they drank a glass of champagne and toasted their beloved grandfather.

Catering in private

As with a “traditional funeral,” we can provide various forms of on-board catering for you. Even with a smaller private funeral, this is no problem at all. For example, a reception with coffee and homemade delicacies and a lunch or drinks in private after the funeral. We are also happy to accommodate special requests.

Scattering ashes in a small circle on a boat

Increasingly, relatives are choosing to scatter the ashes of the deceased on water. On our salon boats, this is of course also possible. We make the cruise in private and you decide the place and time of the scattering.

Scattering ashes by boat can basically take place on any stretch of public water, whether it is the Markermeer, the IJ, the Amstel, the Vecht or one of Amsterdam’s canals. Formally, however, you must report the scattering. We can help you with that.

A funeral for a small group

Our salon boats have a large capacity. With a private funeral, you do not need a large boat. This is advantageous because it will cost you less. Want to know more about a boat funeral? If so, please contact us using the contact form on our website or give us a call. A funeral on a salon boat in private is possible from as little as €480.

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