Company outing on a boat on the Vecht

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A company outing on a boat on the Vecht

Looking for a fun, different interpretation for the annual company outing? Or is there a special reason, such as an excellent business result, that you would like to thank your staff for? Come and enjoy yourself on the Vecht!

A beautiful afternoon or evening on the water

A company outing on a boat on the Vecht is a great opportunity to “leave everything behind” for a while with your employees. A cruise gives that fun vacation feeling from the very first moment. Boarding together, with a beautiful afternoon or evening ahead. And beautiful it will certainly be. From the water, the world looks different. The beautiful country houses and picturesque towns like Loenen, Breukelen and Maarssen through which the Vecht meanders, they provide a fantastic backdrop for a successful get-together. Add to that an exceptionally hospitable service and the day can’t go wrong.

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Grab a bite to eat along the way?

Would you also like to have lunch or dinner during your company outing on the Vecht? The boat can easily dock at one of the many restaurants located along the river. Perhaps you have a favorite of your own, otherwise we know of a few excellent occasions for you.

Your program

Cruising on one of our luxury saloon boats is an experience in itself. They are comfortable, furnished in original style and surprisingly spacious. You are also assured of first-class catering and service. But your company outing on a boat on the Vecht offers many more possibilities.
We can include a shore-based activity in the program, such as a visit to a cheese farm. An expert guide can also join you on board, who will tell your party a thing or two about the history of the Vecht region and its inhabitants. Another nice option is a walk through one of the beautiful villages we encounter along the way. We are happy to think with you about the perfect program.

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The duration of your company outing by boat on the Vecht can be determined by mutual agreement. With three hours of boating, this package is already possible for a price of € 65 per person.

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