Christmas Onions

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festive cruise through Amsterdam

Whether it’s at St. Nicholas or Christmas: everyone gets one or more presents. That means everyone gives presents, too. But who ever gives to themselves? Who indulges themselves anymore? We think that’s okay. And we have a great idea for it, too: a cruise through Amsterdam at Christmas time.

Taste the December atmosphere

According to many Amsterdammers, the city is at its most beautiful and cozy in December. The arches of the bridges are festively lit. The lanterns set the canals in a yellow glow. The Amsterdam Light Festival showcases its spectacular works of light art.

Of course, we also take care of “the inner man” on board. We have several packages for catered drinks, lunch, brunch and three-course dinner. Together, we will create a customized program that fits your needs and your budget.

Dinner Package

For dinner we cooperate with first-class restaurant. You make your choice of the most delicious dishes, our hostess will relay your wishes to the restaurant. In time, we dock at the restaurant and dishes are brought hot and fresh on board. We are happy to make dinner suggestions for your Christmas outing in 2021.

– Homemade gravad laks with Dutch cabbage lettuce, sweet and sour and mayonnaise dressing with salmon caviar
– Thinly sliced smoked rib eye with salad of cucumber, radish and bean sprouts with wasabi mayonnaise and vinaigrette of soya and sesame oil
– Cold-served quiche of spinach, goat cheese and sun-dried tomato with green salad and balsamic dressing

Main course
– Roasted sea bass with pommes mousseline, seasonal vegetables and sauce bouillabaise with prawns
– Beef stew & beef croquette with sauerkraut stew and its own gravy with morels
– Richly stuffed vegetarian paella with smoked tomato sauce and bocconcine mozzarella

– Coffee caramel cake and gingerbread bavarois with red fruit marmalade
– Selection of Dutch cheeses

With how many people do you want you a Christmas outing in Experiencing Amsterdam?

We have four luxury saloon boats with capacities of 20, 30, 60 and 70 guests. Groups of up to 150 people can be welcomed on our steamship Succes. This classic boat does not sail in Amsterdam’s canals, but along the most beautiful spots on the IJ and in Amsterdam’s old port area. Unfortunately, the Success cannot sail the Amsterdam Light Festival route either.

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