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BBQ on a boat in Amsterdam

On Steamship Success, you will have your own sailing meal. During a cruise on the IJ or the Markermeer, our kitchen staff prepares the most delicious snacks. Satay? Hamburger? Coming up!

Feasting in a surprising place

“We have to eat too huh, that day.”
“I know, already taken care of.”
“OK. And what will it be?”
“We’re going to barbecue. On the water.”
“Can that be done?”
In fact, on the Success it can be done very well. This saloon steamer features a sizable sun deck. There is plenty of room for a perfect barbecue, with all the trimmings. Before and during your cruise, everything is set up. When your guests start to get hungry, our BBQ chef has already put the first pieces of meat and fish on the glowing plate. Take your pick, scoop yourself up, take a seat on an outdoor bench or in one of the lounges and enjoy.

Eating and partying?

Your BBQ on our steamship can serve nicely as the conclusion of an activity or gathering elsewhere in Amsterdam. But it is also a great run-up to a party night aboard the Success, for family and friends or co-workers.

What will it be

For your BBQ on our boat in Amsterdam, you have all the choices: meat, fish, vegetarian dishes, salads, sauces, bread, fruit and more. Your wishes are the starting point, we make sure it’s ready. Below is an example of a BBQ aboard the Success.

Mini hamburger sandwich with truffle mayonnaise
Marinated chicken thigh satay, two per person
Skewer with oriental meatballs
Monkfish wrapped with serrano ham
Vegetarian skewer with bell bell pepper, onion, mushroom and potato

Caesar Salad, little gem, fresh eggs, house-made croutons, Parmesan cheese shavings and traditional dressing
Salad with smoked chicken, avocado, cucumber and cherry tomato
Tomato salad with red onion, green olives, basil and mozzarella

Garlic sauce, Satay sauce (hot),Truffle mayonnaise, Saffron sauce, Honey mustard sauce

Side dishes
French bread, pesto aioli, herb butter, tapenade

We offer a BBQ package based on a price per person, combined with your desired sailing time. Please contact us to create a customized package with us.

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