Wedding Cruise on the Vinkeveen Lakes

Getting Married on a Boat on the Vinkeveen Lakes

It’s your very special day. All your friends and family have gathered to congratulate and spoil you. It’s time to share your love, cut the cake and raise a glass! Such a celebration requires a perfect location, and few are more unique than a private boat cruise with Rederij Belle. This intimate yet dazzling environment will give your wedding its golden touch. Take a cruise on the Vinkeveen Lakes and enjoy the panoramic views as you sail along the lapping waves.

First-Class Catering

As you enjoy your surroundings, Rederij Belle will be working hard to make sure your programme is perfection. Our goal is to ensure every aspect of your onboard wedding is 100% to your specifications so there is no work on your part. When it comes to catering, we choose only the best. From simple coffee to culinary specialities, we ensure your food and beverages are first class. No exceptions.

Classic Decor

Rederij Belle has four luxury saloon boats: the Belle van Zuylen, the Emma, the Adeline and the Dame van Amstel. Emma, the smallest of the four, can accommodate 20 people. The largest is the Dame van Amstel, with accommodation for up to 80 passengers. Each vessel boasts a classic, luxury decor with original details. Whatever the style of your wedding day, the ambiance always fits.

Capturing the Memories

The best photos capture natural, spontaneous memories. But, of course, sometimes staged photos are also fun. Here are a few suggestions:

  • The “Titanic” photos: with outstretched arms on the bow of the boat cruise.
  • Sail the right course: four hands on the steering wheel.
  • A romantic kiss in the sunset.

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