Private Saloon Boat on the West End Lakes

A Beautiful, Relaxing Day on the Water

Would you like to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with beautiful surroundings? Rent your own private saloon boat for a cruise on the West End Lakes. Whether a few hours, an afternoon or an evening: you can enjoy a beautiful panorama while sailing the slowly lapping waves.

Business or Pleasure?

Rederij Belle’s saloon boats are true classics, adorned with original details yet renovated for modern luxury and comfort. When you travel in such style on the West End Lakes, your day is sure to be special.
A private boat cruise on the West End Lakes is a perfect way to celebrate life’s special events such as a wedding, birthday, anniversary or reunion. If you need to get down to business, there are also plenty of corporate cruise options. Let Rederij Belle know your needs, and we can arrange a fitting route and programme. No matter the occasion, when you come aboard a Rederij Belle vessel you are guaranteed a perfectly planned day to the last detail and an experienced, friendly staff to attend to your needs.

Your own Route

The West End Lakes cover approximately 10 square kilometres and offer a diverse sailing area, from wide expansive lakes to small channels between islands. Let us know what you would like to see, and together we can create the perfect route.


What is the cost of a private boat cruise on the West End Lakes? That depends on the duration of your trip and the number of people on board. As an indication, for our saloon boat Emma (with a capacity up to 20 people), the ship rental is € 550, -. The cost of catering, drinks and service are not included. Larger groups can rent one of our larger saloon boats: the Belle van Zuylen (30 people), The Adeline (50 people) or the Dame van Amstel (80 people). Contact us for an exact quotation.

Sail, Snack and Savour

A private cruise on the West End Lakes might look something like this:

  • You and your guests come aboard your private boat which is docked at the location of your choice, for example in Aalsmeer
  • You set sail on the West End Lakes with a beautiful panoramic view including the famous Aalsmeer water tower
  • You continue sailing the eastern shores toward Leimuiden. Meanwhile, the crew serves a delicious lunch
  • After Leimuiden you sail north along the islands of the Koddespoel and the Kleine Poel
  • You return back to Aalsmeer as your cruise comes to an end

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