Cruise on the Vinkeveen Lakes

From Calming Nature to Lively Watersports

The Vinkeveen Lakes offer the perfect combination of tranquil nature and bustling recreation on the open waters. Because of the diversity of the region, it is easy to create a route suited to your needs.  Below is an outline of a route beginning in Vinkeveen itself.  Of course, other departure points are also possible.

From Row Boats to Large Vessels

From Rederij Belle’s harbour in the village of Vinkeveen, you will sail east on the Kleine Plas (or Small Lake).  As you sail, you will move parallel with the N201 motorway, which then cuts through the lake.  Where Kleine Plas ends, you w8ll pass under the roadway to reach Zuidplas (South Lake).  This lake is often lively with surfers and water skiers, and the waters are marked with 150 metre and 1000 metre paths.  In addition to the fast boats pulling skiers, you will encounter numerous other vessels, sailboats, rowboats, canoes and surfboards.

Loosdrechtse plassen, Vinkeveense plassen en Westeinderplassen

Baambrugse Zuwe

After making a round on the Zuidplas, you will set sail for the Noordplas.  To access this part of the Vinkeveen Lakes, you will need to sail under Baambrugse Zuwe.  Hs road, which runs through the Vinkeveen Lakes, was once used to excavate and remove the peat which created the lakes themselves.

Along the Recreational Islands

On the Noordplas, you will sail towards a ring of twelve islands that were built specifically for recreational purposes.  These pieces of land feature beaches and jetties, and some even have washroom facilities and catering.  A number of the islands are technically peninsulas, being connected to the mainland of Vinkeveen.

Due to the incredible water quality of the Vinkeveen Lakes, the region is also very popular with divers.  This section of the lakes is closed to ships.

The Maze of Achterbos

On a cruise of the region, you will also sail along Achterbos, the westernmost section of the Vinkeveen Lakes.  This area is a maze of ditches and canals, separated by legakkers, the plots of land left where peat was laid to dry.  From Archterbos you will sail through the Zuidplas and back to the Kleine Plas.

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Loosdrechtse plassen, Vinkeveense plassen en Westeinderplassen

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