Dining on the Vinkeveen Lakes

A Unique Restaurant Package

Would you like a special meal in a unique location? Come enjoy a delicious dinner aboard your own private saloon boat on the Vinkeveen Lakes.  You can order from the menu of your choice directly from the water.  While you sail, your dishes will be prepared and then delivered, fresh, to your boat – your own private, floating restaurant!

À la carte Dining on the Water

In a restaurant, much of your time is spent waiting while your dishes are prepared.  Of course, a delicious dish is always worth the wait, but Rederij Belle has found a better solution:  enjoy a private sail on the Vinkeveen Lakes while your dishes are prepared to perfection.
The menu from the restaurant of your choice will be presented to you on board.  After you make your selection, the hostess will call ashore and place the order for you and your guests.  As the dishes near completion, the captain will dock outside of the restaurant so the kitchen staff can deliver the meal, fresh from the kitchen to your table.  Bon appetit!

Customized Programme

The Dining on the Vinkeveen Lakes Package has a standard package.  But, as with all Rederij Belle packages, we leave plenty of room for your own interpretation.

  • 18:00
    You and your guest are welcomed on board with a drink. Then, the captain will give a short introduction to the vessel and explain the route before setting sail.
  • 18:20
    As the boat sails the lakes, you will choose your starter, main course and dessert. Once  prepared, the captain will head to shore so the food can be delivered, fresh and hot, on board.
  • 21:00
    You return to your place of departure.

What’s on the Menu?

If you would like to dine aboard one of our saloon boats on the Vinkeveen Lakes, we are happy to make some menu suggestions for you.  Below is one of our favourites:


  • Licorice-basil marinated salmon with crab salad, soy-yuzu vinaigrette and cream of peas
  • Homemade veal roast with salad and chips with truffle mayonnaise, cauliflower and French dressing
  • Melanzane salad with smoked tomato, crispy aubergine and pesto of fresh mint, pine nuts and ricotta

Main Courses

  • Fried sea bass on the skin with Alaskan scallops, fennel mousseline and sauce Bouillabaisse
  • Grilled Black Angus steak with potato and corn croquettes, grilled vegetables and homemade BBQ sauce
  • Pumpkin gnocchi with fava beans, fresh herbs salad, pecorino and chanterelles


  • Chocolate sponge cake, marinated strawberries, orange and elderflower mousse
  • Selection of fine cheeses

Sail as Long as You Wish

Your Dining on the Vinkeveen Lakes package can be as long or short as you please.  We find that three hours of sailing allows the right amount of time for your  à la carte dinner, but of course you are welcome aboard for longer.

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