Historic Cruise on the Vecht

Historic Sailing Cruise on the Vecht River

Country houses, tea domes and lush green shores from a private canal boat:  can you imagine a better way to learn about the Vecht and its inhabitants?  An onboard guide will take you back in time as you sail past remnants of the Vecht’s history.

A Fabulous History Lesson

This cultural package allows you and your guests to dive into the rich history of the villages and country estates that lay along the Vecht River. Our guide and art historian, Juliette Jonker-Duynstee, can tell you and your guests all about the amazing history of the river as well as which famous people occupy these country houses today.

On this special cruise, you will view villages and houses not only from the water.  In the quaint town of Loenen, your captain will dock so your historic sailing trip can move ashore.  Here you will walk the idyllic streets of Loenen while your guide brings the history of the village back to life.

The Pearl of the Vecht

Loenen is nicknamed “the Pearl of the Vecht”- an epithet which is entirely justified.  As such, a stop off to this picturesque village should not be missed during your Historic Cruise on the Vecht.  The walk through Loenen will take you past windmills, beautiful gardens, extraordinary homes and the Gothic church to the old Kronenburg Castle.

Historic Cruise on the Vecht – The Programme

  • 14:00
    Your cruise will begin in the center of Breukelen where one of our saloon boat will be waiting for you and your guests. As you come on board, we will welcome you with coffee, tea and pastries. After a welcome speech by your captain, Juliette will take over the microphone to begin the tour.
  • 15:00
    You arrive in Loenen and disembark for a walk through the village led by Juliette.
  • 16:00
    You come back aboard the boat and set sail to Breukelen. As you sail, drinks and snacks will be served while you chat, enjoy the surroundings and ask any questions to Juliette that you may have about Loenen and the Vecht.
  • 17:00
    You return to Breukelen, and your cruise comes to an end.


  • The pricing per person for the Historic Cruise on the Vecht is:
  • 21-40 people: € 80, –
  • 41-65 people: € 63, –

This price includes coffee and pastries, drinks, finger foods, ship rental and taxes. Would you like to tailor your programme or end your cruise with a visit to a restaurant? Contact us and we can provide you with a customised quote.

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