Cocktail Cruise on the Vecht

Relaxing Cocktail Cruise on the Vecht

Would you like to sail in style to your dinner reservation?  Invite your guests to come aboard your own private boat first for hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.  A Rederij Belle Cocktail Cruise on the Vecht provides the right atmosphere to relax and catch up with your loved ones.

Ample Time for Socializing

Restaurant dinners, while nearly always enjoyable, often have a small disadvantage: the fixed seating arrangement.  Enjoying delicious dishes is the main goal, but talking with your friends and family at the table is also important.  To ensure everyone has the chance for a proper chat, we have the perfect solution – a cocktail cruise.  You and your guests can sail for two hours on the beautiful Vecht River, giving you time to reminisce, share news and enjoy a lovely afternoon or evening together with cocktails and finger foods.  As your sail comes to an end, you arrive right on time for your reservation at the restaurant (or bar) of your choice.

The View from the Vecht

A cocktail cruise down the Vecht is heavenly.  You will pass through quaint villages, by meadows and ponds and along the most-splendid country mansions and traditional tea pavilions.  The best part? You can enjoy the view with your favorite people.

The Best Route for You

Your route obviously depends on your evening programme. Additionally, you can choose from a number of boarding locations along the Vecht, from Maarssen to Muiden. The standard duration of the Cocktail Cruise on the Vecht is two hours, but if your pick-up location and destination requires more time, we can adjust the course. If you need restaurant recommendations, whether in a town or right on the water, we have a good grasp on the culinary possibilities in the area.  Let us make some suggestions.


The price of the Cocktail Cruise on the Vecht (on the basis of 20 people) is € 55,00 pp. You can also reserve a boat for a private cocktail cruise in Amsterdam, on the Amstel or on the Loosdrecht Lakes.

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