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Loosdrecht Lakes Route

Villas, Nature and Watersports

A cruise on the Loosdrecht Lakes takes you through a diverse area with beauty of many variations. The route begins in Oud-Loosdrecht, the watersports mecca of the Netherlands. From there, you will sail south toward Muyenveld where the water is lined with gorgeous villas.  You will then set sail on the Kalverstraat for Breukeleveen and Kievietsbuurt.  By way of Eiland Bijltje, you arrive back in Oud-Loosdrecht.

The Five Ponds

The Loosdrecht consists of five, interconnected lakes with boundaries formed by several islands and reed beds.  The wild beauty stretches over 3,600 hectares, and the shores of the ponds are lined with exclusive yacht clubs, posh villas and spectacular restaurants.


Watersports have become one of the main draws of people from around the world to the Loosdrecht Lakes.  The many artificial islands – including Markus Pos, Robinson Crusoë, Geitekaai – control the winds, making the water conditions perfect for sailing, windsurfing and waterskiing.  The inland waters of the Loosdrecht Lakes are accessible from the Vecht River via a lock.

Salonboot & Partyboot in Amsterdam voor een mooi feestje

Purple Heron and Bogs

The Breukeleveense Plas, or Stille Plas, is a natural wonderland with unique vegetation and a colony of purple heron. On the eastern side of the pond is Weersloot, a particularly high peat area.  The Breukeleveense Plas can unfortunately only be accessed via two narrow, shallow waterways with limited headroom: Kostverlorenvaart from the third lake and Weersloot from the fourth.

Pull Holes and Legakkers

The Kievits Neighborhoods are two major legakker areas in the southwest corner of the Loosdrecht Lakes. These areas are characterized by the alternation of water holes and pull legakkers, the pieces of land on which the excavated peat was laid to dry. On many of these legakkers you will find recreational buildings for watersports enthusiasts.
The Kievit Neighborhoods are the fourth and fifth lake separated by the Kalverstraat, one of the busiest waterways in the area. Along the north side of the area runs Weersloot that connects the third lake with the Vecht River. Along the southern part of the area, the sailing options are limited.

Beautiful Vuntus

East of the Loenderveense Lake and north of the village of Oud-Loosdrecht lies the Vuntus wildlife area. The transition from sand to peat in addition to fresh groundwater create a lush environment for special plants and animals to thrive in this region, including orchids and  clean groundwater offer great opportunities for special plants and animals in the area, including rare birds, orchids and the carnivorous round-leaved sundew.  The Vuntus Lake is only accessible from the first of the Loosdrecht Lakes with very low ships.

Salonboot & Partyboot in Amsterdam voor een mooi feestje
Loosdrechtse plassen, Vinkeveense plassen en Westeinderplassen

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