Onboard Wedding on the Loosdrecht Lakes

Wedding Cruise on the Loosdrecht Lakes

A beautiful boat cruise on unruffled water under a clear blue sky: what a special place to look at each other in the eyes and say “I do”.  But an onboard wedding doesn’t stop there – imagine cutting the cake and enjoying a champagne toast on the back deck, a first-class dinner at one long table and a party with live music, all while sailing on the Amstel with your loved ones.

On Board and on Shore?

If you wish, you can say your vows on the water and celebrate there all day.  Or, a combination of onboard and on shore activities is also nice.  Here is an example of what your day might look like:

  • Meet at the boarding location.
  • Sail to the wedding venue.
  • Say your vows on shore at the court house or church.
  • Return to the saloon boat for a toast and a tour while sailing to the reception location.
  • After the reception, a cruise back to the initial location.

Your wedding day on the Amstel is completely customisable.  Together we can discuss your wishes, and then we can take all the planning work off of your hands and bring your day to life.  All you need to do is enjoy your wedding with your partner and loved ones.  Cheers!

Live Cooking

Getting married on board also offers opportunities for culinary surprises.  Let our private chef prepare an extraordinary dinner for your guests, served directly from his kitchen to your private restaurant on the water.  Do you have a menu in mind?  Or perhaps you would like to speak with the chef to discuss the possibilities?  He certainly can make many delicious suggestions for your dream wedding dinner.

Photographer on Board?

Your wedding day will fly by – it’s important to have someone capture these memories so you can enjoy them for a lifetime.  Invite a photographer or videographer on board for the evening.  Need help finding someone in the area to capture the day?  Rederij Belle can also make recommendations.

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