Catering Options

Below is an overview of Rederij Belle’s catering options. You will find ideas for a festive reception on board, a nutritious lunch or an elaborate hors d’oeuvres and cocktail party.   Fine dining on board is also an option, offering an attractive and unique environment your next dinner party.  If there is something you would like that you do not see below, please let us know.  Upon request, we can offer fully-customised catering menus.

  • Reception on board (all homemade)

    Coffee or Tea with:
    Mini Muffins and brownies – € 4,50

    Petit Fours – €5,95

    Homemade apple pie, Lemon cheesecake or Carrot Cake – € 5,75
    Up to 40 people – choice of two option
    More than 40 people choice of three options
    More than 60 people choice of four options

    Coffee Etagère – € 6.50
    Assortment of home-made (two per person) mini muffins, coconut macaroon,
    madeleine, chocolate cake and date cake.

  • Lunch

    Lunch Bites – € 14,25
    An assortment ( five per person) of mini sandwiches, wraps and canapés topped with various luxury meats, cheeses and salads

    • Beef Carpaccio, pesto, pine nuts and fresh Parmesan cheese
    • Homemade salmon salad with peppers
    • Vitello tonnato, veal with tuna salad
    • Roast beef with truffle mayonnaise
    • Egg truffel salad
    • Chicken and avocado
    • Matured cheese with truffle mayonnaise
    • Caprese, mozzarella, tomato, pesto


    Dutch Lunch – € 15,50

    • Bun with various Dutch toppings such as young cheese, egg salad, ham and garnish
    • Artisan corn sandwich with chicken, cheese, cucumber, tomato and lettuce
    • Green salad with baked tomato, cucumber and homemade croutons


    Luxury Lunch – € 21,00

    • Range of soft and hard mini sandwiches (two per person) with luxury toppings such as carpaccio/pesto, vitello tomato, spicy chicken salad, tuna salad, fricandeau, Caprese
    • Italian two coloured bread with luxury toppings such as roast beef/truffle mayonnaise, egg truffle salad, aged cheese/tapenade, ham/cheese, smoked salmon etc.
    • Green salad with chicken, bacon, egg, vegetables, Parmesan cheese and dressing
    • Bread to share with garlic butter and humus
    • Fresh fruit salad


    Lunch buffet Belle – € 29,75


    • Vitello Tonato, veal roast with homemade tuna mayonnaise and tuna salad
    • Salad from potato with roast beef and truffle mayonnaise
    • Pasta salad. Tricolour pasta with pesto, pine nuts and grilled vegetables
    • Greek salad with feta, red onion, cucumber and tomato
    • Baguettes and ciabattas
    • Garlic butter and tapenade


    • Tender chicken thighs in Oriental sauce with sesame, Chinese cabbage and shiitake
    • Baked monkfish met roasted tomato in pesto sauce
    • Eggplant tomato stew with grated cheese
    • Steamed seasonal vegetable mix
    • Oven-baked potato’s


    Soups – € 5,00

    • Italian tomato soup (V)
    • Vegetable soup (V)
    • Truffle Soup
    • Zucchini soup (V)
    • Pumpkin soup (V)
    • Chickensoup
    • Asparagus soup (summer)
    • Split pea soup (winter)

    Including bread and herb butter


  • High Tea Deluxe

    High Tea – € 23,50

    • Hard mini bun with carpaccio, truffle mayonnaise and fresh Parmesan cheese
    • Half a wrap with matured cheese, sweet pepper and honey mustard dressing
    • Bruschetta Italiano, tomato salsa, red onion and capers
    • Tartlet smoked salmon (hot)
    • Scones with clotted cream and jam
    • Several macarons
    • Mini muffin
    • Mini brownie
    • Mini cake with red fruit
    • Chocolate truffles


  • Snack Platters

    Table snacks (per person) – € 4,50

    • Mixed nuts
    • Dutch cheese
    • Crispy vegetable chips

    Tapas platter, 45 pieces – € 69,00

    • Blini with mozzarella and serrano ham
    • Lollipop one bite wrap homemade tuna salad
    • Spicy meatball (cold)
    • Skewer green olives
    • Amuse-bouche prawn with antiboise


    Vegetarian platter, 45 pieces – € 69,00 

    • One bite wrap with goat cheese, walnuts, spinach and honey
    • Crusty cup with olive tapenade and vegetable chips
    • Crusty cup with olive tapenade and vegetable chips
    • Cream cheese lollipop with Japanese nut crunch
    • Crostini Caprese, tomato, pesto and buffalo mozzarella Naan bread with


    Platter Mondriaan, 45 pieces – € 74,50

    • Edible appetizer spoon with carpaccio, pesto and Parmesan cheese
    • Blini with smoked salmon, citrus and caviar
    • Homemade humus met radish and a little crunch
    • Crunchy canapé with fresh tuna and wasabi
    • One bite wrap spicy chicken with sriracha


    Platter Vermeer, 45 pieces: € 74,50

    • Brioche with serrano ham and duck liver
    • Edible shell with Norwegian shrimps and saffron
    • Steak tartare with truffle mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese
    • Naan bread with brie, mint and strawberry
    • One bite wrap tuna salad with tricolour bell pepper and capers


  • Buffets

    Italian Buffet – € 27,50


    • Carpaccio salad, beef carpaccio, arugula, pesto, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese
    • Caprese Salad.Tomato, mozzarella, basil, pesto
    • Baguette, pesto aioli and herb butter


    • Traditional Lasagne
    • Tricolor pasta with grilled vegetables and a creamy spinach sauce
    • Grilled salmon with seafood sauce


    Royal Buffet – € 27,50


    • Salad with smoked chicken, avocado, cucumber and cherry tomato
    • Pasta salad with smoked salmon, radish, beetroot and crème fraiche
    • Baguette with garlic butter


    • Paella with vegetables, chicken and seafood (vegetarian or without fish upon request)
    • Baked cod with a salsa of tomato, red onion and caper salsa
    • Ravioli with mushrooms and a creamy truffle sauce
    • Roasted red potatoes with green beans


    French Mediterranean Buffet – € 27,50


    • Tuna salad with fresh tuna, green beans, red onion, olives, potatoes and egg
    • Mediterranean salad with sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, olives and brie
    • Baguette with garlic butter


    • Provencal chicken with zucchini and tomatoes
    • Stew with fresh, seasonal fish and vegetables
    • Vegetarian lasagne with brie
    • Bonne femme, mix of potato cubes, red onion, mushroom and tarragon


    Tapas Buffet – € 27,50


    • Serrano ham roll with mozzarella, basil and balsamic vinegar
    • Cold tortilla from patato and zucchini
    • Bruschetta with tomato salsa
    • Manchego cheese
    • Pieces of Spanish sausage and ham
    • Olives
    • Ciabatta with garlic butter, aiolis, pesto and tapenade


    • Patatas Bravas, spicy roast potatoes with tomato sauce
    • Spanish meatballs in a truffle gravy
    • Marinated chicken with garlic and soy sauce
    • Mushrooms in a garlic oil


    Halal Buffet – € 27,50


    • Tabouleh salad with tomato, cucumber and mint
    • Ceasar Salad, fresh eggs, homemade croutons, parmesan shavings and traditional dressing
    • Turkish bread, herb butter, hummus and baba ganoush


    • Baked salmon with saffron sauce
    • Grilled eggplant and zucchini with tomato sauce
    • Marinated chicken with coriander and lime
    • Potato gratin


    Oriental Buffet – € 27,50


    • Satay sticks ( three per person)
    • Satay sauce
    • White rice
    • Bami Goreng
    • Baked oriental vegetables with chilli sauce
    • Rendang


    • Prawn crackers, three colours
    • Atjar
    • Baked onions
    • Baguette with garlic butter


    Stamppottenbuffet – €27,50
    Typical Dutch dish of mashed patatoes and vegetables

    • ‘Andijviestamppot’: mashed potatoes mixed with endive
    • ‘Stamppot Boerenkool’: mashed potatoes mixed with kale
    • ‘Hutspot’: mashed potatoes mixed with onion and carrot
    • Homemade beef meatball
    • Smoked sausage
    • Meat gravy
    • Peas with bacon
    • Piccalilli, pickled onions and mustard


    Belle Buffet – € 29,50


    • Vitello tonnato, veal roulade with homemade tuna salad salad
    • Potatoes with roast beef and truffle mayonnaise
    • Pasta salad.Tricolor pasta with pesto, pine nuts and grilled vegetables
    • Greek salad with feta cheese, red onion, cucumber and tomato
    • Baguettes and ciabatta
    • Garlic butter and tapenade


    • Tender chicken thigh in an Oriental sauce with sesame, bok choy and shiitake
    • Fried monkfish with roasted tomato sauce
    • Baked eggplant and tomato, topped with cheese
    • Steamed seasonal vegetables
    • Baked potatoes


    Organic Buffet – € 32,50


    • Salad with roasted tomato, French green beans and sesame dressing
    • Green salad with boiled pumpkin, apple and balsamic vinegar
    • Organic bread and herb butter


    • Organic chicken with piri piri sauce and tri-colour peppers
    • Pasta with stir fried vegetables and olive tapenade
    • Meatballs in a tomato eggplant sauce
    • White rice
    • Organic Vegetable mix


  • Barbecues (only on Steamship Succes)

    The barbecues are only possible on the Steamship Succes

    Barbecue – € 29,50


    • Satay from marinated chicken thighs, three per person
    • 100% Beef burger
    • Skewer marinated prawns


    • Caesar Salad, little gem, fresh eggs, homemade croutons, Parmesan cheese and traditional dressing
    • Tuna salad. Fresh grilled tuna, tuna salad, olives, red onion, long beans, potato and egg
    • Greek salad, tomato, cucumber, feta and olives


    • Garlic sauce
    • Cocktail sauce
    • Satay sauce (warm)

    Side dishes

    • Baguette, pesto aioli, garlic butter, tapenade


    Barbecue extra – € 32,50


    • Bun with mini hamburger and truffle mayonnaise
    • Satay of marinated chicken thighs, two per person
    • Skewer with oriental meatballs
    • Skewer with monkfish wrapped in Serrano ham
    • Vegetarian skewer with pepper, onion, mushrooms and potato


    • Caesar Salad, little gem, fresh eggs, homemade croutons, Parmesan cheese and traditional dressing
    • Salad with smoked chicken, avocado, cucumber and cherry tomato
    • Tomato salad with red onion, green olives, basil and mozzarella


    • Garlic sauce
    • Satay sauce (warm)
    • Truffle mayonnaise
    • Saffron sauce
    • Honey mustard sauce

    Side dishes

    • Baguette, pesto aioli, garlic butter, tapenade


    Additions to the barbecue

    • Skewer of kingprawns, per person € 6,50
    • Vegetarians skewer with red pepper and onions, per person € 5,50
    • Steak, per person € 6,00
    • Spare Ribs, per person € 5,50
    • Pork medallion, per person € 5,50
    • Merquez sausage (lam), per person € 5,00
    • Fish parcel with Cod, tomato and mozzarella, per person € 5,50
    • Half a lobster, per person € daily rate
  • Bits & Bites diner

    Bits & Bites diner, per 10 pieces : € 47,50

    • Bruschetta XL with homemade humus and vegetable
    • Bruschetta XL beef carpaccio, pesto, pine nuts and Parmesan
    • Small omelette with serrano ham and spinach
    • Italian savoury muffin with pesto, mozzarella and tomato
    • Mini sandwich with chicken, avocado and radish
    • Mini sandwich with smoked salmon, cucumber and citrus
    • Mini pita with lettuce, ham and mustard mayonnaise
    • Mushroom frittata with truffle and spring onion
    • Prawns with a salsa of tomato, garlic, onion and capers
    • Spicy chicken with brioche and piment mayonnaise
    • Steak tartare with baked quail and allspice mayonnaise
    • Marinated oriental steak baked in sesame
    • Yakatori with coulored prawncrackers (two per person, warm)
    • Oriental meatballs with oriental sauce and sesame (two per person, warm)
    • White chocolate mousse with bastogne crunch
    • Forest fruit pie with white chocolate

    If you would like the bites to serve as dinner we advise to order 10 bits & bites per person


  • 3-Course Menus

    3 course dinner a la carte –  € 59.50

    As your saloon boat sails through the canals, the hostess will present you with the menu from Oscar’s restaurant.  As soon as you make your choice, your order is phoned into the restaurant.  Once ready, the captain docks so the dishes can be delivered, fresh and hot to your floating restaurant.

    Sample Menu. The menu changes with the seasons


    • Shellfish Cocktail, Dutch mussels and smoked mackerel with lime mayonnaise, avocado cream and spicy cucumber salad
    • Duck pate with sauerkraut salad, salted croutons, cranberry and sweet-sour
    • Vegetarian salad of mixed beans and vegetables with tzatziki and puffed garlic

    Main Courses:

    • Roasted sea bass and coquille with oven potatoes, green vegetables and sauce of shellfish
    • Lightly smoked and roasted Scottish pepper steak with potatoes, kale and bacon with piccalilli and gravy
    • Mushrooms torteloni with green asparagus, parmesan and truffle vinaigrette


    • Chocolate cake with mandarin marmalade, spiced cream and red fruit
    • Selection of fine cheeses

    Complementary wine package €29,50 per person
    To complete your dinner we advise to add the complementary wine package with a sparkling reception and with every course a special complementary wine.


  • Desserts

    Dessert buffet – €8,00
    Consists of an assortment (two per person) of homemade desserts

    • Homemade brownie with walnuts
    • White chocolate mousse
    • Tiramisu
    • Mango tart with meringue and mint
    • Yoghurt with lemon chello
    • Forest fruit tart with merengue and strawberry

    The dessert buffet is accompanied by whipped cream, strawberries, chocolates and mint.


    Cheese plate – €10,00

    • Three sorts of French cheese ( a firm cheese, a soft and creamy cheese and a blue cheese)
    • Nut bread
    • Fresh figs
    • Aceto Balsamico
    • Walnuts


  • Served Dinners

    Our chef cook cooked delicious fresh dishes à la minute on board.

    3 courses€66,00
    4 courses€68,00
    5 courses€80,00

    Includes white linen tables, mini sandwiches (two per person), oil, salt, pepper, pesto aioli and tapenade.

    Hand Amuse – € 3.50
    An amuse made on the hand of you and your  guests


    Starter – Culinary plate
    Three small starters served on one plate:

    • Tartar of salmon, spicy mango, soya and wasabi mayonnaise
    • Bonbon of smoked rib-eye, potato, tomato, paprika and coriander
    • Goat cheese with avocado, zucchini, px syrup and fresh fig

    Optional 4th course
    Truffle velouté

    Optional 5th course
    Grilled sea bream, eggplant caviar with a saffron sauce


    • Baked codfish with risotto, tri-colour bell pepper and antiboise
    • Petite tender with jacket potato, green asparagus, roasted tomato and a red wine gravy
    • Ravioli with mushrooms and a sauce of young spinach leaves

    Dessert – Petit grand dessert
    Per persoon tree luxury items served on one platter:

    • Forest fruit tart with meringue and mint
    • White chocolate mousse with Madeleine
    • Piece of brownie with walnuts

    Complementary wine package €29,50 per person
    To complete your dinner we advise to add the complementary wine package with a sparkling reception and with every course a special complementary wine.


  • Refreshments on Board

    Open Bar*, per person

    Open bar, 1 hour:  € 10,00
    Open bar, 2 hours:  € 16,50
    Open bar, 3 hours:  € 20,00
    Open bar, 4 hours:  € 22,50
    Open bar, 5 hours:  € 25,50
    Open bar, 6 hours:  € 30,00

    * On the basis of national range 


    Drinks by the Glass
    Espresso, coffee and tea € 2,35
    Cappuccino € 2,75
    Irish coffee €9,00
    Hot chocolate € 2,75
    Soft drinks € 2,40
    Beer, pint on tap  € 2,40
    Radler/ Alcohol free beer €2,50
    Domestic spirits € 4,00
    Martini, sherry and port € 4,75
    International spirits € 5,50
    Cognac VSOP, Glenfiddich, Jack Daniels € 6,75
    Mixed drinks (served in a highball glass) € 9,00
    Gin Tonic  (served in a highball glass) € 11,50

  • Wine List

    House Wines
    White: Pinot Grigio Santomè (Veneto) € 24,00
    Red: Primitivo Sangiovese (Italy) € 24,00
    Rosé: Beauvignac Syrah Pommerol Languedoc (France) € 24,00

    Prosecco Bepin the Eto (Italy)  € 32,50

    Champagne Pascal Deviliers Brut  € 59,50

    White Wines*
    Bouza do Rei Albariño 2017 (Rias Baixas) € 35,00
    Sancerre 2017 Tinel- Blondelet € 42,50
    Pouilly Fuissé Chardonnay Nadine Ferrand 2016 (Burgundy) € 45,00
    Meursault 1e Cru “les Caillerets” 2016 F. + L. Pillot (Burgundy) € 69,00

    Rosé Wines*
    Saint Victoire (Provence)  € 32,00

    Red Wines*
    Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2015 F. + L. Pillot (Burgundy) € 37,50
    Chateau la Croix Fourney Saint Emilion Grand Cru 2013 (Bordeaux):  € 42,50
    Barolo DOCG 4 Vigne Cascina Adelaide 2013 € 75,00

    Corkage fee
    Wine, per bottle € 12,50
    Prosecco/ Champagne method, per bottle € 17,50
    Champagne, per bottle € 22,50

    *The given years of the wine may vary depending on the availability.


  • Catering options PDF

The prices are per person and all exculding VAT.

The exact catering and number of people may be changed up to 14 days before the bookingsdate.

  • Hostess per hour € 33,50
  • More than 25 people, 2 hostesses
  • More than 50 people, 3 hostesses


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