Swinging Through the Amsterdam Canals

Swinging Through the Amsterdam Canals

Fancy a special party for your employees? Reserve a special facility: one of Rederij Belles luxury saloon boats. Laugh, dance, drink (a bit), and seize the night while your private boat sails through Amsterdams most-beautiful areas.

Celebrate Your Way

At the best parties, the people dance. Imagine the fun of swinging through the evening while you sail through one of the most-beautiful cities! Let us bring together all the details to throw a party your guests will not soon forget: intimate lighting to create a beautiful atmosphere, a DJ or live band playing your favourite songs, and a dance floor for a proper spin. Or, if dancing is not for you, find a nice spot at one of the tables around the dance floor and enjoy the show. A great evening for everyone!

A Dance to End the Day?

The Swinging Package usually begins around 20.00 with a festive onboard reception. Slightly earlier or later is also possible. During our consultation we can decide when the music should start and when to call the final song before disembarkation.

A Swinging Program

What does an evening ‘swinging through the canals of Amsterdam’ look like? Heres an example:

  • 20:00
    You and your guests come aboard one of our luxury saloon boats which is docked either in the centre of Amsterdam or at your selected location. You are welcomed with a drink and a toast, and then the party begins as you cast off.
  • 20:30
    You will sail through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam while being served various drinks and finger foods. The DJ or live band will play your requests while your guests slowly (or all at once) begin to show their moves on the dance floor.
  • 23:30
    All good things must come to an end. You and your guests return to the place of embarkation, and from there you continue the night as you wish.


This Swinging Package starts at € 99, – per person. Pricing depends on the size of the group – the more people, the more fun, the lower the price. Moreover, there are many possible party add-ons including a champagne toast and a (short) trip to the mainland.

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