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Private Boat for Sail Amsterdam 2020


Amsterdam, April 22 2020 – SAIL Amsterdam 2020 (12-16 August) has been cancelled. SAIL fully respects the measures the authorities are taking to combat the spread of the virus, including a ban on organised events until September 1. These measures unfortunately make it impossible to host SAIL. In close consultation with the City of Amsterdam, Port of Amsterdam, the province of Noord-Holland and other partners, we have taken the difficult decision to delay this year’s event and organise SAIL again in 2025. 
We would like to thank everyone who has worked so hard to prepare for #SAIL2020. ‘We have been forced to take this decision with a heavy heart but we are nevertheless convinced this is the only right decision to take,’ said Arie Jan de Waard, chairman of the SAIL Amsterdam Foundation.  ‘We would like to ask everyone who has been looking forward to SAIL for their understanding at this time. And we would like to thank all the Tall Ships, our maritime heritage, the crews, sponsors, partners, volunteers and the SAIL team for all their involvement and their efforts. We are going all out with the City of Amsterdam to make sure that SAIL returns in 2025 in all its glory. SAIL will then be in its 10thedition and one of the main events in celebrations to mark 750 years of the city of Amsterdam. It will also be 50 years since the very first SAIL was held.’


We did of course look into delaying SAIL, but unfortunately this was not realistic. At the moment it is impossible to say with any certainty that a mass event like SAIL could be organised safely next year. More than that, international Tall Ships have other commitments and may not have been available. SAIL wants to remain the largest freely accessible event in the Netherlands and the support of our partners and sponsors is key. They have indicated, understandably, that their priorities are elsewhere in the coming period, but they would like to help build a jubilee edition in 2025.


The SAIL organisers will do everything in the coming period to make sure that all outstanding issues are settled carefully and correctly. We will be in contact with all private individuals and companies who booked packages in the coming weeks. Careful handling of all agreements takes time and we would ask everyone involved for patience and understanding in this exceptional situation.


Sail Amsterdam is on its way!

The countdown has begun. In August 2020, the 10th edition of Sail Amsterdam will take place in the heart of Amsterdam and the whole city will be taken over with the bustle of activity. One of the best ways to experience this awesome nautical occasion is of course on a boat.

The Best View in Town

A spectacular fleet of Tall Ships from around the globe as well as well as millions of visitors and nautical fanatics flock to Amsterdam every five years for Sail Amsterdam. Of course, Rederij Belle also takes part in this grand celebration. During Sail Amsterdam 2020, all four of our luxury boats will be in service. A private boat rental during Sail Amsterdam 2020 is the a wonderful way to treat your clients to a special experience and cement relationships. Thousands of vessels will sail the River IJ before docking near the city centre, offering an unforgettable Dutch
experience. Viewing the festival from the water is even more beautiful – add first-class catering and a drink, and you have an absolutely amazing day.

Departure from the Shipyard

For our cruises during Sail Amsterdam 2020, we have designed the perfect route. All of our packages begin and end at Museum Werf ‘t Kromhout, or the Museum Shipyard, at Hoogte Kadijk in the heart of Amsterdam. This is our permanent – and the perfect –dock during Sail Amsterdam.

Four Days of Nautical Amsterdam Celebrations

Sail Amsterdam 2020 will last four days, with the starting signal given during the sail-in on Wednesday, August 19. On this day, the ships gather in the locks at IJmuiden for the festive Sail In Parade through the North Sea Canal to Amsterdam, led by the event’s flagship. From this moment on, the four-day party in Amsterdam begins. Along with hundreds of unique and historical vessels, visitors take in special events and grand firework displays over the River IJ every night. Saturday, August 22, is the last (official) day of Sail Amsterdam. Rederij Belle offers many packages for private boat rentals during Sail Amsterdam 2020. You can be part of the Sail In Parade on August 2020 with the Tall Ships themselves or enjoy afternoon coffee cruises, cocktail tours and evening tours of the sail area, including fireworks. You can also join the Sail Out Parade on August 23.

Early Reservations

Sail 2020 seems far away, but we encourage you to book your cruise as early as possible. Private boats are highly sought after during this Quinquennial festival, and we are already taking reservations. Be on time, as you may soon only be able to watch the festivities from the shore.


Coffee cruise Sail Amsterdam 2020

Want to visit Sail 2020? View the Tall Ships from the water? Enjoy a nice lunch on board? Then come and sail with one of our luxury saloon boats.

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Coffee cruise Sail Amsterdam 2020

Early morning in the ’IJ haven’. The sailors are already gearing up for work on many of the ships but it’s still fairly quiet – a perfect moment to have a look around.

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