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Private Boat Rental in Amsterdam

With four of the most beautiful saloon boats in Amsterdam, Rederij Belle has a ship suited for every group. Would you like to have a look on board before you book? Schedule an appointment and let us give you a special tour.

Sailing in Style

Our saloon boats have a unique but classic style. Inside, elegant woodwork combines with fine interior details to create a comforting, spacious atmosphere.Likewise, the exteriors have a distinguished appearance, drawing the attention of passersby. There is hardly a more-stylish way to move through Amsterdam. Would you like to combine your Amsterdam boat rental with a party or a business meeting?

Let us take some of the planning work off of your hands. You can feel assured that everything on board will be planned to your liking and that both you and your guests will be pampered by our friendly and experienced staff.

Choose Your Perfect Route

Do you already have an idea of what you would like to see and where you would like to go with your private boat rental in Amsterdam? Share your ideas with us. At Rederij Belle, we know countless sailing routes that can be adapted to include all of your favourite destinations. Your exact route depends on the length of your rental. Would you like to sail just a couple of hours? Or an entire afternoon or evening? Let us know your wishes and we will create from there.

Program Possibilities: A Snack, a Sip and a Sail

While your program is fully customisable, it might look something like this:

  • 16:00 P.M.
    Your party boards the ship which is docked at your preferred location in Amsterdam, perhaps near the Maritime Museum, the Stopera or another Amsterdam landmark. You will be welcomed with a drink of your choice then the boat will set sail for the canals.
  • 16:20 P.M.
    You will sail through the always lively and beautiful Amsterdam. Along the way, the captain or a tour guide can share rich details about all that passes by as you and your guests enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres.
  • 18:00 P.M.
    Your sail comes to an end. The ship docks and you disembark, perhaps at your boarding point or a new destination such as a restaurant where your afternoon on the water will conclude with a special dinner.


The cost of the cruise, catering, drinks and operation are dependent on the number of people; Emma can accommodate up to 20 people. For bigger groups, rent one of our larger saloon boats: the Belle van Zuylen (30 people), the Adeline (50 people), or Dame van Amstel (80 people). Let us know your wishes and we will provide you with a quotation.

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