Sailing a Private Boat on the Amstel River

On the Amstel in Your Private Boat

If you sail the Amstel from Uithoorn, your private saloon boat will pass along the quaint towns of Nes aan de Amstel and Ouderkerk.  In Ouderkerk, which was the residence of the Lords of Amstel during the Middle Ages, there are a number of fine restaurants situated along the banks of the river.  Eventually, you will enter the stunning city of Amsterdam with its beautiful canals and bridges before arriving at the IJ.

Cruising the Amstel through Amsterdam

The Amstel River runs through the heart of the city that takes its name – Amsterdam.  You will cruise under famous bridges such as the Berlage Bridge and the Skinny Bridge, while passing equally famous and stunning buildings on the banks including the Theatre Carré, the Stopera and the Amstel Hotel. All of Rederij Belle’s saloon boats can sail the Amstel through Amsterdam:  Adeline, Dame van Amstel, the Belle van Zuylen and the Emma.

Sailing Past Uithoorn, Where the Amstel Divides

In Uithoorn, the Amstel splits into two smaller waterways, the Komme Mijdrecht and Drecht. The meandering Komme Mijdrecht is especially beautiful to navigate, with its many curves and splendid scenery.  Along the Amstel River itself you will find a number of forts which were a part of the Stelling van Amsterdam, or Defence Line of Amsterdam, built between 1880 and 1920 to protect the capital city.  Today, thanks to the consistent humidity in the area, there are wine tasting locations throughout the region.

Boarding Locations on the Amstel

There are a number of restaurants and landmarks along the Amstel River that can serve as ideal boarding locations for your cruise in the cities of Uithoorn, Nes aan de Amstel, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and Amsterdam. We can help you decide the best boarding and disembarkation location during a one-on-one consultation.


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