Wine Tasting on the Amstel

Sailing to Wine Tasting

Are you a wine connoisseur? Or just a casual appreciator? Take a cruise in your own private boat on the Amstel River to a wine tasting. The top oenologists at Maison Vinocerf Uithoorn will explain, in detail, the grape varieties and preparation methods while you sample fine wines.  An educational and delectable experience!

Savour the Wine and Surroundings

In the city of Uithoorn, where the Amstel River divides into the smaller Drecht and Kromme Mijdrecht, lies the lush green fields surrounding the Fort on the Drecht.  Within this fortress is Maison Vinocerf, the stone fort offering perfect conditions in both summer and winter to store the wine society’s fine selections.

During the Wine Tasting on the Amstel package, Maison Vinocerf will offer wines from small, passionate winemakers throughout Europe and the world.  The event can focus on wine tasting but also wine-food combinations or varieties from a specific region or country.

The Defense Forts

The Fort on the Drecht is one of the many forts that make up the the “Stelling van Amsterdam” or the Defense Line in Amsterdam, which was built around the capital city between 1880 and 1914.  The purpose was to surround the city with a ring of water which was too deep for men on horseback to traverse but too shallow for ships.

Your Tasting Program

The Wine Tasting on the Amstel package is customisable to fit your wishes.  Below is an idea of how your afternoon might look:

  • You will board the Dame van Amstel, for example, in the village of Ouderkerk. After a reception with a welcome drink, the captain will set sail southbound towards Uithoorn.
  • Arrival at Maison Vinocerf; the captain docks at the Fort at the Drecht.
  • You will be treated to a special tasting, led by a viticulturists .
  • You return to the Dame van Amstel and sail back to your boarding location.


The price of the Wine Tasting on the Amstel depends on the duration of your cruise and the wines you will sample.  As an indication, the average price is € 95, – per person for a three-and-a-half hour cruise.

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