Christmas Dinner on a Boat in Amsterdam

A Festive End to the Year

Would you like to host a special fête  for your friends, colleagues or customers this Christmas season?  If you truly wish to close the year on a cheerful note, there is no better way than a 3-course dinner on your own private Rederij Belle saloon boat as you sail through Amsterdam.

Christmas Sailing and Dining in Amsterdam

Imagine the perfect winter day in the heart of Amsterdam.  While the scenery is beautiful and glowing, the cold wind is likely blowing down the streets making the view a bit less warming.  In the cabin of your heated saloon boat, however, you can enjoy the wintery views of the entire city without feeling any chill.  The captain will welcome you and your guests on board with a special, festive drink.  The tables will be draped in white linens and the cabin decorated in garlands and ornaments. Outside, the vessel will be lined with twinkling Christmas lights.  Everything is set for a joyous holiday celebration, exactly to your liking.

All is Bright

December is the festive season, especially in Amsterdam. The bridges are naturally well lit and the walls of the canal houses are in the spotlight. But in December (and part of January), the heart of the city is even more luminous because of the Amsterdam Light Festival.  During this time, your private boat can take a special festival route to view all of the fantastic light art.

A Special Holiday Feast

Aboard Rederij Belle’s saloon boats you will experience the full charm of Amsterdam winters. If you are lucky, there may even be a fresh layer of snow to help create a true fairytale setting, reminiscent of a picture book.  As you sail, one of the top restaurants in the city will work hard to prepare the perfect Christmas dinner for you and your guests.  As soon as the courses are finished, we will dock to have the staff deliver your feast, hot and fresh from the kitchen to your sailing restaurant.  Of course, the perfect meal is not complete without the perfect wine – we believe we have just the right selection for your evening.

Your Night, Your Menu

There are many possible menus for your onboard Christmas Dinner, and, likewise, a number of possible routes to sail.  Together during a consultation we can create the perfect evening programme, exactly to your taste.

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